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        A new chapter of the Dior saga was being written with the release of the Milly Carnivora collection. Egratigna Angelique Ring is one of the colorful and eclectic pieces that make up the fantastic story of Milly Carnivora. The creator of the fairy tale designs, Victoire de Castellane, has been writing stories of places unseen and dreamy forests for years at Dior. Her aristocratic backgrounds and her previous experience which includes working together with Karl Lagerfeld found a way to surface in the marvelous jewellery she creates.

        The existence of Dior has not been a long one, at least not as long as that of other famous jewellery producing brands. It was not until 1946 that Monsieur Christian Dior established the basis of his business. He was the son of a businessman himself, and his father had always dreamt a diplomatic career for his son. Unfortunately for the father’s dreams Christian Dior had his heart set in a totally different domain, that of fashion.

         During the bleak years of wars Dior created high fashion designs for the wives of German officers. Although his first collection was received with great acclaim there was a tremendous wave of rejection from the large public, since Dior’s clothes draped beautifully and employed lots of fabric. The war and poverty years having gone by, the world was ready to receive Mister Dior’s designs with a full heart. There was no longer the case to worry about the amounts of materials which went into the fabrication of a gown or costume.

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        The bold vision put forward by Christian Dior was taken forth by creative geniuses and light hearted people unafraid to experiment. Presently Victoire de Castellane and John Galliano make an ultra successful couple for the creative force taking Dior further through the years. As head of the creative department in the Jewellery section de Castellane has been brave enough to put her personal credo into the designs she makes for one of the world’s most renowned and appreciated brand.

        The Egratigna Angelique Ring perfectly reveals de Castellane’s belief that jewellery should always be fun and worn for the sheer pleasure of wearing them, instead as being used as a social status indicator. There is no reason why jewellery should be boring, serious or official. The whole idea with jewels is to enjoy them and to feel a boost in your mood when looking at them. Castellane’s aristocratic roots had their say. There is not a single drop of hypocrisy in the Egratigna Angelique Ring or any of its kin. The white brilliant cut diamonds and the vividly colored lacquer decorations are blended perfectly into this huge flower that breaths optimism, femininity and ingenuity.

        A friend for all seasons and moments of the day, the Egratigna Angelique Ring by Dior may be matched with earrings, pendant or a bracelet created in the same trend as the ring. A lovely reunion of high style and a great sense of humor.

Egratigna Angelique Ring by Dior, 7.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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