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When it comes to expensive women’s jewelry, Dior is always spectacular and recognizable in all its collections. In fact, whether it’s a jewelry collection, a makeup collection, a footwear collection or some other product, Dior is effortlessly elegant and laidback, classic yet modern, ready for action yet enchantingly relaxed. Today we’re going to focus on one of their latest collections, the My Dior collection and one special piece in particular, the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet with white diamonds.

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The My Dior collection is inspired from the elegance of the past and each piece in it looks like a weave of golden straws, sprinkled with precious stones or diamonds. While most pieces are made from yellow gold, some bracelets and rings are made from white gold. It is important to mention there are only rings and bracelets in this collection, and the focus is on the yellow golden ones. The same theme of the cane work, or wicker chair is found on the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet too, with the “Cannage” design so iconic for Dior. The cuff bracelet is wide and looks like woven straw, or a thick, golden ribbon. This bracelet would make for a wonderful Valentines gift for her. However, it its price exceeds your budget, you can search the internet for more Valentines gift ideas for her. Nowadays, the internet contains information on any topic and there are even websites specifically designed for providing gift ideas. Nevertheless, there are few gifts out there that can match this bracelet.

The My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet has two layers of weaves, a thicker, diagonal one, and a more delicate, double-wired weave through it. In each available “eye”, there is a white, round diamond sparkling away at you and complimenting the majesty of the bracelet. There is another version of this cuff bracelet, one with the same setting but with various colorful diamonds and precious stones instead. For women who are more daring, the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet with diamonds, red spinels, pink sapphires, spessartite garnets, demantoid garnets, pink spinels, emeralds, amethysts, tsavorite garnets, yellow sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, yellow beryls, aquamarines and tanzanites is a great and feel-good piece.

Another special aspect of the My Dior collection in general and of the My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet in particular is that they are inspired from the feel, the atmosphere and history of the Dior stores and the experiences they created. Thus, these jewelry pieces have architectural elements in them, like ornamental moldings, statuettes or the rattan chairs. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, perhaps the small piece information that this collection’s pieces are crafted in the old method of wax carving will. Indeed, the jewelry from My Dior is made by casting molten gold in wax matrices, thus achieving exquisitely delicate and refined pieces. As you can imagine, this is an expensive women’s jewelry piece, yet the price is well worth the effort since this is the type of jewelry that you pass on to your grandchildren.

My Dior Yellow Gold Cuff Bracelet, 5.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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