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        The fabulous Diorette collection reveals one springtime wonder that can be worn in all seasons, the Yellow Gold Diorette Ring. The brave and colorful piece features, in the all so known and loved style, insects and flowers as well as deep, sensual hued gemstones. The vivid concerto given by the Yellow Gold Diorette Ring turns anyone’s day into an utter joy. The lacquer used for the ring is applied by a special technique and is a trademark secret. The gold setting of the spring reverie puts a bright, sun-like imprint on the whole ensemble.

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        Created in 1946 by the man who managed to make himself an unforgettable name in just a few short years, Dior has been ever since one of the leading high fashion houses in the world. The son of a businessman who had dreamt a diplomatic career for his son, Christian Dior stuck to his dream, that of being a fashion designer. His talent and determination brought about a revolution in the fashion industry, a revolution coined by the redactor in chief of the time’s Harper’s Bazaar. The revolution was going to be known from Christian Dior’s first collection on as the New Look.

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        The story of today’s famous brand started small. Mister Dior drew sketches of high fashion dresses and sold them for 10 cents. Later on, after having finished the military service he began dressing the wives of the Nazi officers and went on to start his own business in 1946, backed up by a cotton magnate of the day named Marcel Boussac. Unfortunately Christian Dior’s life was to be a very short one. He died tragically and unexpectedly in his early 50’s. His genius was carried on by people who understood his vision and dedicated their talent and energy to maintaining the Dior spirit alive. John Galliano and Victoire de Castellane are just two of those people.

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        As head of the creative department at Dior High Jewellery Victoire de Castellane has managed to take the world by surprise and bring a much needed air of freshness and innocent sensuality in the collections she signed to this date. The Yellow Gold Diorette Ring is no exception from the lines of the collections we have all fallen in love with every time. The simple and delicate flowers of varying sizes and colors revive energy and optimism in our souls, while the delicate diamond sparks and the lovely deep violet of the amethyst featured by the Yellow Gold Diorette Ring make us think of magic gardens. The weight of the gold is 19,5 carats. The diamond weighs 0,04 carats and the amethyst 0,95 carats. Each piece of the ring is hand made and hand lacquered. The price of the jewel is surprisingly generous. Anyone can have this eye-catching beauty for only 4300 UK Pounds.

Yellow Gold Diorette Ring, 7.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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