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A renowned producer of leather and luxury goods, created in 1925, Rome, Fendi, grew in almost a century of existence, into one of the most important names of the day’s Haute Couture, which has an important say in almost every aspect of today fashionable urban life, from its signature baguette handbags, to fur goods, fragrances and even high-end writing instruments.

Currently owned by the prestigious LVMH group, Fendi preserves unaltered its powerful Italian individuality, charisma and flamboyant creativity, which, over the years, conquered the hearts of many celebrities such as Sofia Loren, Claudia Cardinale, Diana Ross or Elizabeth Hurley.

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Nevertheless, an enthusiast customer of the brand will say that an audacious artistic expression is exactly what made Fendi a fashionable icon of the day and, a trendsetter of the entire fashion industry and that sometimes being fashion forward can bring a certain amount of critics.

Therefore, if you want to bring an edge to a rather inexpressive outfit, the Fendi Chain-Embellished Leather Necklace makes a very interesting choice, due to its unusual looks, which merge a boldly designed leather strap and a thick chain, which inevitably makes one think of a dog collar.

However, the necklace will surely attract many captivated glimpses, and surely, will make a powerful fashion statement, proving that you are a daring self-assertive woman, who is not afraid to express a rather eccentric side.

Manufactured from light brown leather, the necklace demonstrates a central yellow gold-tone, oversized chain embellishment, and it is secured to the neck with a press-stud, with buckle fastening, which also emphasizes the dog collar appeal.

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A challenging piece, which can bring both praises and criticism, the remarkable Fendi Chain-Embellished Leather Necklace is a fashionable accessory that will surely make an unforgettable impression, and surely a price of $ 280.00, is a small one to pay for a Fendi.

Nevertheless, even if this type of jewelry comes into fashion, I’m sure that many women, would think twice before buying this rather odd accessory, and, at least, as far as I’m concerned, if a guy would show up at my door with a gift wrapped Fendi Dog-Collar Leather Necklace, he would probably be in a great deal of troubles.

Fendi Leather and Gold Necklace , 6.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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