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One of the world’s most appreciated fashion houses, Fendi traces its roots to the tumultuous 1920’s, when it started its fascinating journey in the elitist world of today Haute Couture, in Italy, Rome, and where it radically changed the contemporary catwalks, through its highly personal imprint and style.

Ever since, in almost one century of existence, the brand grew into a renowned trendsetter of this competitive industry, creating exuberant clothing lines, sensuous fragrances, remarkable leather goods, watches and even writing accessories that placed Fendi among the top members of the prestigious LVMH group.

Nevertheless, although currently Fendi belongs to the LVMH Corporation, the brand never abandoned its life-guiding philosophy and Italian flamboyant individuality, which astounds through an immeasurable creative passion, originality and unmistakable style, preferred by celebrities such as Claudia Cardinale, Diana Ross Sofia Loren, or Elizabeth Hurley.

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Through time, the brand released many impressive lines, which stet the trends for this competitive industry, and which are easily recognizable in the scenery of every fashion capital of the world, bringing a plus of impassionate Italian style to the modern women.

Recently the brand presented another stylish urban line, and one of the most attractive accessories of the collection is the eye-catching Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace a superb urban model, bound to bring an edge to any fashionable outfit.

Drawing its inspiration from the combative universe of military, the new Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace features a silver chain-link, measuring 15 inches, which, instead of a pendant it was fitted with two identification tags.

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Furthermore, the two tags of the eye-catching Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace differ from genuine identification tags, in that, instead of the wearer’s name, they feature the brand’s large logo, presented in a cutout detail.

It is worth mentioning that the model was equipped with a detachable extra chain that enlarges the necklace, enabling it to be worn in many combinations.

Especially created to bring an edge to a modern urban outfit, and to satisfy the need of style and glamor for any impassionate customer of the brand the remarkable Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace, will be available for an approximate price tag around $500.00.

Fendi Sterling Silver Military Necklace, 6.3 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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