‘Graff’ Jewelry

      The Graff Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace is one of those items that steal your heart right away. You do not need any convincing. The humongous fancy pink diamond drop which stands for the pendant does all the ‘talking’ with its 70.39 carats. If the impressive weight and heavenly color are not enough, than one must be informed upon the clarity of this unique gemstone.

      The splendid members of the Graff White Diamond Set are sure to make a fabulous impression on any woman and stir admiration amongst the female population of the planet, who was not as lucky as to come into the possession of such jewels.

      If you are looking for an engagement ring, or maybe just want to celebrate the special woman in your life with a significant prove of your love, search no further: the Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring is what you have been looking for. 55.74 carats of fancy intense yellow diamond are glistening your […]

      The Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace is the astonishing necklace that has as its center piece the largest white flawless diamond in the world. The gemstone was bought by Laurence Graff, cut and polished by him and is an amazing D color kite shaped piece with seven facets.

      A brand new extraordinaire interpretation for a remarkable fancy deep blue diamond, the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring launched by Graff is sure to catch your eye and make your fingers yearn to feel its embrace. And a one of a kind feeling it should be, to have this beauty on your finger.

   The Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is a toke of the love engaged in the act of creation, as well as it could be a valuable proof of love, from the part of a interested pursuer, to his adored lady. The scintillation of the several dozens heart shaped diamonds tell a wondrous tale. The tale of a striving young man, determined to make a statement in the industry.

      A pink round pearl necklace set with a white marquise, pearshape and round brilliant diamond drop, the Graff Pink Pearl Necklace also has a pink briolette diamond centre. This magnificent candy fantasy is meant to speak even to the most refined and elegant women. Its timeless beauty and design are sure to pass any cultural barriers or taste differences.

      The Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring features a marvelous vivid pink diamond weighing 5.00 carats evaluated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as being a type IIa pink diamond. The fancy rose wonder is set in 18 karats yellow gold and flanked by two shield shaped white diamonds that are correspondingly mounted in platinum.

      A spectacular member of the High Jewellery collection, the Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace is meant to bring a spicy, vivid, air to the party outfit it would compliment. This amazing piece of jewellery is bond to stir jealousy, be it only for the unusual and unique hue of green its emeralds possess. The rich, […]

      The Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings are no abstract thing. Their surreal beauty and scintillation may, however, mislead the viewer into thinking they are objects coming from a different, magical world. These huge diamonds are meant to cause a jaw dropping reaction and raise the guiltiest feelings of desire amongst women.