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      The Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings are no abstract thing. Their surreal beauty and scintillation may, however, mislead the viewer into thinking they are objects coming from a different, magical world. These huge diamonds are meant to cause a jaw dropping reaction and raise the guiltiest feelings of desire amongst women.

      Laurence Graff is presently the number one name in the jewellery business. The Graff House is the only contemporary high-jewellery producer whose founder is still playing strong and managing with experienced and brave moves the development of the brand. While Harry Winston and Gerard Boucheron, for example, have left a significant mark and trace of their success, Laurence Graff is still kicking the competition off while in his seventies.

Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings Picture


      The brand was founded in 1960 and has been equivalent to technical and aesthetical excellence ever since. Mister Graff’s adventure started long ago, when at just fourteen years of age he dropped out of school. The son of an immigrant Jewish family who owned a small tobacco shop, young Laurence knew what he was aiming for right from the start. He got hired as an aid in a jewellery shop, but got fired soon after. Nevertheless he pursued his plan and in just a few years he managed to start his own business, gaining the trust of such figures as the humongously rich sultan of Brunei. Graff had fruitful collaborations with rich Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and, finally, his name became the epitome of nowadays haute joaillerie.

      The Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings are made of two large white pearshape diamonds, which constitute the center pieces. The upper part of the earrings is thought as an abstract looking flower, or a geometrical concept. The unique pieces brought to the public’s attention by the Graff House are made of world class materials, crafted with the most astonishing craft and by experienced professionals. The rare white flawless “D” pearshape diamond drops weigh a staggering 122.68 carats. The “D” is an indicative of the color class of the diamond, and it represents the best possible class out of the “colorless” tag. The other three important characteristics in defining a diamond’s value are cut, clarity and carats. The expertise of the Graff jewellers assures a most amazing cut, which assures the full potential of the stone has been revealed. The clarity is another superlative, the diamond is “flawless”, meaning there are no impurities or inclusions in it. The impressive dimensions of the earrings make them worthy of being included in the brand’s High Jewellery collection. A mind blowing 122.68 weight of the purest most glamorous diamonds are sure to make any woman feel like a goddess.

      Some of the world’s most remarkable jewels, the Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings bare little or no comparison to any other earrings one has seen up to them. They are really priceless items; this is why their purchase price should really not be brought up.

Graff Abstract Diamond Earrings, 9.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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