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      A brand new extraordinaire interpretation for a remarkable fancy deep blue diamond, the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring launched by Graff is sure to catch your eye and make your fingers yearn to feel its embrace. And a one of a kind feeling it should be, to have this beauty on your finger. The incredible hue of this gem makes it extremely rare. Its emerald cut was chosen in order to better showcase the splendour of the deep blue it possesses.

      Diamonds are famous for being the hardest material on earth. They are used for cutting through the most resistant of glasses and objects, being used on an industrial scale. The properties it was endowed with make the diamond the most scintillating gem stone we have discovered as to this day. Dispersion, the quality which determines the diamond’s fiery sparkles, is responsible for the transformation of normal light into reflected color specter shimmers. It is so, that the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring works its magic on your senses.

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      Graff Diamonds is currently one of the top diamond producers in the world, with its headquarters in London. The company benefits from a vertically inscribed production line, which allows them total control over the gems they select and use for their magnificent jewels. With mines to explore the gifts of the world from most of the continents, Graff Diamonds can afford the luxury of choosing only top class pieces to cut and polish for their high jewellery lines and collections. It is this relentless quest for excellence that has made Graff a top jewellery brand, with the crème the la crème as its clientele.

      The intense blue of the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring is the key element which brings about awe and triggers a huge price for the ring, since the sight of such gems is quite rare. Although the weight of the starring actor is of only 2.4 carats, its strikingly blue looks put their hooks on whoever may see it. To complete the scene are two diamond tapered baguettes, made of white diamonds and set as to flank the perfect emerald cut of the fancy blue beauty.

      Laurence Graff, the founder of the company declared that he was so taken with diamonds and so much in love with his job that he simply saw inside the diamonds he assessed. He had this special ability to feel and correctly weigh the true potential of a gem. His unique passion for beauty in the realm of jewels has leaded the brand forward and has brought happiness to those with deep pockets. For example, if you were to madly fall in love with the Fancy Deep Blue Diamond Ring, and absolutely had to have it, you would have to scrape up a nice $ 2 million amount, to get you started on the acquisition discussion. Not a small price, but we all know that beauty and value d not come cheap.

Graff Deep Blue Diamond Ring, 8.8 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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