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      A spectacular member of the High Jewellery collection, the Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace is meant to bring a spicy, vivid, air to the party outfit it would compliment. This amazing piece of jewellery is bond to stir jealousy, be it only for the unusual and unique hue of green its emeralds possess. The rich, grass green of the gems perfectly combines with the white of the diamonds and their fiery scintillation.


      But what is this Graff Diamonds brand, one might ask, if unfamiliar with the jewellery business. Laurence Graff, the man who started everything from zero, is the son of a Jewish immigrant family coming from Eastern Europe. They settled on the East End of London and worked hard to get by in the harsh times after the War. At just fourteen years old Laurence Graff dropped out of school and took up working in different jewellery repairing shops. He learned the secrets of how to make an old jewel look new, as well as how to create a good looking jewel from scratch. By the 1960’s he already had a business and had founded Graff Diamonds. A lucky encounter with the soon to be Sultan of Brunei marked a turn for the better in Graff’s business career. He became extremely rich and very famous, due to his clientele and connections from the Middle east and not only. As the best gems in the world started pouring in on the Sultan’s wife, the cash started rolling vigorously into Graff’s accounts. He was no longer a poor immigrant kid from the East End of London. He was the most famous jeweler of his day, making the worldwide scene his playground and deciding on the prices for the world’s most famous gems.

      The Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace justifies Graff’s renown as the King of Diamonds. He confessed that he is in love with diamonds and captivated by the beauty of precious stones like no other. From his passion came to being this oval emerald and oval white diamond necklace with a 26.04 carat pearshape emerald drop. The different sized diamonds and emeralds alternate, giving the impression of beads on a glittering strain. At the center of the ensemble is the breath taking 26.04 carat emerald drop, shining its venomous beauty like no other temptation ever seen.

      The total weights of the precious stones and the craftsmanship invested in the creation of the Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace prove its unicity. With an emerald total of 101.25 carats and a diamond total of 47.45 carats, the Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace is nothing you will see anytime soon. Its timeless elegance and grace seem to be sustained by a deadly sensuality gleaming its way up to one’s eyes through the deep shades of raw green possessed by the emeralds.

Graff Emerald and Diamond Necklace, 8.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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