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      If you are looking for an engagement ring, or maybe just want to celebrate the special woman in your life with a significant prove of your love, search no further: the Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring is what you have been looking for. 55.74 carats of fancy intense yellow diamond are glistening your way, expecting to adorn the fingers of a lucky lady.

      A fourteen year old Laurence Graff dropped out of school to face the tribulations of life and learn his way of making a living. His mother, who lived long into her old age, directed him towards the jewellery business. Coming from an immigrant family of East European Jews, Graff strived to make a living and he pursued the best businesswise, relying on his negotiation talent. Another talent on which the young man could count was that of recognizing an opportunity when it came up. The opportunity he admittedly took advantage of in launching his career as a worldwide jeweler was his encounter with the soon to be Sultan of Brunei. Graff’s collaboration with the Sultan’s family gave him all the cash he needed to further develop his work, and opened up hundreds of new, extraordinary chances with the rest of the Far East wealthy lot.


      The flawless emerald cut yellow fancy diamond which makes for the center piece of the Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring is likely to come from Graff Diamonds’ own stack of fancy diamonds. The brand has developed a vertical line of production, creating their own designs and applying them to the diamonds and gems they bring to light in their own mines, outside Johannesburg. The craftsmen who put their blood and tears into the manufacturing of these jaw-dropping jewels are also people the firm has often invested into since their apprenticeship. The wife of the Brunei Sultan has been presented with the most unique and amazing jewels the world has ever seen. The quality and beauty of these stones have been put to great service by the technical expertise of the Graff Diamonds’ employees, but most importantly, by the visionary eye of the founder himself, who even in his seventies manages to play an active role in the key areas of the business.

      The Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring is available in two versions. Each of them has a fancy yellow diamond of the best quality as its center piece. The largest version, which was already mentioned, boasts a huge 55.74 carats, completed by a pave set white diamond band.

      The other one is a bit smaller, something over 2.5 carats missing on the center piece, at a still staggering 53.18 carats of fancy vivid yellow, flawless emerald cut diamond. This time, the band is set with fancy yellow and white diamonds.

Graff Fancy Yellow and White Diamond Ring, 6.4 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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