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      If you want the best jewellery money can buy at this moment you go looking into the releases of Graff Diamonds. The last of the great jewellery myth creators, Laurence Graff is maintaining a strong clutch onto the business he started from scratch. A self taught and self instructed man, Graff left school when he was fourteen, to launch into the convulsions of the real world. His mother directed him towards the jewellery making business where he managed to enter with great pains and much devotion to his work.

      The Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is a toke of the love engaged in the act of creation, as well as it could be a valuable proof of love, from the part of a interested pursuer, to his adored lady. The scintillation of the several dozens heart shaped diamonds tell a wondrous tale. The tale of a striving young man, determined to make a statement in the industry. His success was founded on hard work and waking up early, which his father had taught him, as well as on the rare talent of recognizing an opportunity when it passes near by. Graff’s opportunity was the meeting with the sultan of Brunei and his wife, prince and princess at that time. The former richest man on the planet for two consecutive decades, the eighties and nineties, the Bruneis were the beneficiaries of the world’s most amazing jewels, all released from the crafty hands of the King of diamonds. This collaboration established Graff as the powerful business man he is today. His diamonds and other precious stones got bigger and bigger, more spectacular every time, until everybody had to acknowledge him as the possessor of the world’s most valuable and exciting gems.

      Member of the High Jewellery collection, this Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is one of the most breath taking pieces you will ever come across. A white heartshaped diamond pendant weighing a staggering 28.03 carats of the best quality is hanging from a smaller white heartshaped diamond. The total diamond weight of the necklace is 96.67 carats. The color standard of the diamonds is a white D, the best that can be found, while the clarity of the heartshape diamond drop is flawless. This means that on purchase you will bling yourself, or a very lucky woman with a humongous amount of the absolute best quality diamonds, cut in wonderful heart shapes.

      The lavish acquisition could be evaluated anywhere in the range of a seven-eight figure number. Still, while the sum one would have to pay for this beauty is unconceivable for many of us, this necklace is truly invaluable through its beauty, craftsmanship investment and eternal elegance. One of the many treasures we have been given the joy to see, the Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace is sure to cause jaw dropping reactions among the female public and to etch itself upon our memories with its’ hearty’ charm.

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Graff Heartshaped Diamond Necklace, 5.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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