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      The Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace is the astonishing necklace that has as its center piece the largest white flawless diamond in the world. The gemstone was bought by Laurence Graff, cut and polished by him and is an amazing D color kite shaped piece with seven facets. Its weigh is what determines its name: the paragon is the largest diamond of top qualities. If in the past a paragon had to have much less carats to qualify as that, nowadays it is compulsory that the paragon weighs over 100 carats for it to be labeled as paragon.

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      Laurence Graff is the founder of Graff Diamonds. A “diamonds extraordinaire” company which boasts having touched many of the top class diamonds who make the délice of any passionate jeweller on the face of the earth. The man who has acquired the nickname of “second Harry Winston” declared that he is simply dependant on the scintillation of diamonds, and that there is nothing in the world that he would rather do, or see himself doing, for that matter. It makes sense, then, that he ran to check out the huge diamond that was original from Brazil and somehow ended in Antwerp. Graff immediately bought the breath taking gemstone, because, as he revealed some time ago, he has the special talent of seeing the potential of a stone just by looking at it. Therefore, a simple glance was enough to fall in love with what was to become the Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace.

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      Mounted on a superb necklace made of varied colors fancy diamonds, the Paragon diamond was worn by super model Naomi Campbell in 1999 and had become a symbol of the new Millennium. The jewel is actually 190.27 carats of scintillating gorgeousness signed Graff. The Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace is to this date one of the most valuable jewels created on our green and blue planet. The master mind who took this wonderful gift of the Earth to the degree of perfection and beauty it displays today is Laurence Graff. He was not afraid to cut the great treasure he acquired in a most unusual shape. The result shows that his decisions were the right ones to make.

      The Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace features, naturally, into the High Jewellery collection of the company, and is as well, present in the list of the world’s most famous jewels. Accompanying the great Paragon diamond are yellow, pink and blue fancy diamonds that make up the chain.

      A sample of sheer beauty and unique craftsmanship, the Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace is not only a jewel of timeless elegance. It is also a surprising example of versatility. The necklace can also be adjusted as a bracelet. It is difficult to appreciate whether Graff, the current owner of this unique piece will ever want to sell the Paragon diamond, or the necklace, altogether. The price of a jewel that has as a center piece one of the world’s most famous diamonds is difficult to evaluate. The pear shaped intense colored fancy diamonds that complement the Paragon are also of a considerable value. It is probably safe to say, that, for now at least, the Graff Paragon Diamond Necklace will stay on the careful and experienced hands of Graff Diamonds.

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