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      Graff Diamonds has released another breath-taking piece of exquisite jewellery for their female public. The Graff Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace is one of those items that steal your heart right away. You do not need any convincing. The humongous fancy pink diamond drop which stands for the pendant does all the ‘talking’ with its 70.39 carats. If the impressive weight and heavenly color are not enough, than one must be informed upon the clarity of this unique gemstone. The pear-shaped fancy pink diamond is flawless. This means that it is a world class diamond, as flawless is the best you could ever find among diamond clarity.


      The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has issued the four criteria upon which diamonds are evaluated. The four C’s, as they are also known, are color, clarity, cut and carats. From these four only the cut is a human-dependant factor. The color, clarity and carats have mostly to do with the rough gem from which the jewel is defined. The color and clarity of the fancy diamond mounted on the Graff Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace, together with its carats and cut make it one of the most spectacular and valuable gems available on the fancy diamonds market.

      Laurence Graff, the founder of the company, has been nicknamed “the second Harry Winston”. The truth is that Graff Diamonds has been developing and crafting jewels so beautiful and rare that they may as well be considered one of the most exclusive and perfection pursuing houses that have ever existed. The young immigrant Jewish boy who started from scratch and built a multi billion empire declares that he was always possessed by the scintillation of diamonds. Laurence Graff says that he could have been nothing except what he is today, one of the world’s most famous jewellers.

      Graff diamonds are notorious for their world famous diamonds. Their collection of famous diamonds and High Jewellery is quite impressive and really a sight for sore eyes. Graff Diamonds is also famous for having and putting forward some of the most spectacular fancy diamonds known to humanity. Their chance of having their own mining sites and thus being ale to directly access all the earth riches first hand shows in the class of the jewellery they create.

      The abundance of raw materials, combined with exceptional expertise and first hand professionalism are the factor which mark the creation of such items as the Graff Fancy Pink Diamond Necklace.

      The necklace is made from three rows of round, brilliant cut fancy pink diamonds, resembling the pear-shaped pendant. The total weight of the necklace is of 107.75 carats.

Graff Pink Diamond Necklace, 6.8 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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