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      A token of eternal femininity and grace, the Graff Pink Pearl Necklace is here to win your heart. It will immediately bring to mind an angel like purity and it could remind some of you of the pearly pink candies you used to go crazy about as a child. As children I am sure that most little girls have dreamt, at least once, of making a wonderful necklace, ring or other adornment out of delicious and delicate looking candies. For those of you who never got their wish fulfilled to this day, Laurence Graff has granted that old desire.

      A pink round pearl necklace set with a white marquise, pearshape and round brilliant diamond drop, the Graff Pink Pearl Necklace also has a pink briolette diamond centre. This magnificent candy fantasy is meant to speak even to the most refined and elegant women. Its timeless beauty and design are sure to pass any cultural barriers or taste differences.

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      Presently the most renowned diamond and precious gems dealer, Laurence Graff is said to be a new Harry Winston, a follower, in his own manner of the great tradition of talented jewellers from an extremely restrictive circle. The Graff Pink Pearl Necklace is part of the High End collection of the Graff Diamonds brand. Mister Graff is a self declared diamond junkie. He spares no expense when it comes to a stone he craves after, or a stone he has long been trying to get. He has been establishing price records in the jewellery market for decades now.

      The wealth and success of this self made and self taught man seem to have flourished exclusively from his intrepidity and his talent of spotting and taking advantage of business opportunities. The young Jewish immigrant who lived on the East end of London and dropped out of school at just fourteen years old is now a 2.2 billion pounds worth tycoon. Having sold diamonds and jewels to the likes of Donald Trump, Elizabeth Taylor and the royal family of Brunei, Laurence Graff is interested in other manifestations of art and beauty as well. He wisely invests in modern and contemporary art pieces. They are nothing like real estate or stocks; they can never drop their value to zero over night.

      Boasting a diamond total of 30.62 carats the dreamy combination of fiery diamond scintillation and subtle, refined pink shimmer is a one of a kind marriage. This most heart warming combination is meant to add a distinctive note to any outfit and grant it the touch of unique beauty lent from the magical realms of the fairies. The priceless encounter of pink pearls and diamonds has been crowned with craftsmanship excellence and time defying design, to assure an investment that would pass on from generation to generation, bringing with it the same legacy of fine taste and high social status.

Graff Pink Pearl Necklace , 5.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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