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      Graff Diamonds celebrated one of their great pieces last year, at a Christie’s auction. The mind blowing diamonds they have been putting forth have, once again, received the acclaim and adoration of the large public. The Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring has been sold in December, 2009 for the fabulous sum of almost $ 11 000 000. The price seems hardly of this world, for most of us, but the fact is that this absolutely beautiful piece has been rated at a value ranging from 5 000 000 to 7 000 000+ USD. The initial approximation was much over passed when the ring was bought for $ 10 830 000, at the Hong Kong auction.

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      Diamonds have been the most famous precious stones on the face of the earth for a long time now, ever since their qualities have been correctly assessed. Diamonds are the hardest substance on our planet. They have been use for years now in industrial cutting and they are much sought after as jewels. The proprieties that recommend them for jewellery making are those indicated by the GIA: color, clarity, cut and carats.

      The Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring features a marvelous vivid pink diamond weighing 5.00 carats evaluated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as being a type IIa pink diamond. The fancy rose wonder is set in 18 karats yellow gold and flanked by two shield shaped white diamonds that are correspondingly mounted in platinum. The Gemological Institute of America has issued a report according to which the Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring features one of the rarest vivid pink diamonds known to this date. Besides having such a remarkable natural color, the vivid pink fancy has a surprising and rare clarity. GIA has labeled it with VS1, but it has a working diagram inscribed, fact which indicates that there is the possibility that the stone might be flawless.

      Graff Diamonds is a diamonds extraordinaire company. Its fame and good name have gone round the world, since there are not many who can afford their creations, but many were the ones who remained stunned by the beauty of a Graff Diamond. With an impressive collection of world famous diamonds, Graff takes pride in being its own rough gem provider, the sole handler of the materials, from the mining to the perfectly finished and polished jewels that radiate from their shelves.

      The extremely exclusive pieces they provide have assured Graff’s fame on the jewellery market, and it is not surprising that Laurence Graff (the founder of the company0 has been named the second Harry Winston. Laurence Graff has been handling exquisite pieces from his early starts. He is an auto declared diamond passionate, driven by the beauty and scintillation of the magical gem which has been sung as “a girl’s best friend”.

      The Graff Fancy Vivid Pink and Diamond Ring is kin to other extremely rare and famous diamonds, like Agra (a 28.15 carat type IIa pink diamond) or the Empress Rose (a stunning 70.39 gem with the same color and proprieties. Type IIa diamonds are specific to a very few mining sites, located in India, Africa or Brazil. They are characterized by the most homogenous color in the rough.

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