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      The diamond saga written by Graff continues. One of the company’s latest releases in the white diamonds high jewellery section features the amazing Graff White Diamond Set, a pleasure who joys the eye at the first glance. The remarkable set is composed of an elegant necklace and bracelet, both made of emerald cut diamonds. The memorable pieces created by Graff diamonds have been added a new member with the beautiful Graff White Diamond Set.

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      Graff Diamonds has been writing history in the jewellery market, even if its basis were not set that long ago. Laurence Graff, the company founder, was a diamonds junkie, as he declared himself. He stated that he was born to be among diamonds, and that there was nothing else he could see himself doing. The passion he nurtured for the exceptional gems he worked with was distilled in his special talent of seeing far beyond a gem’s rough aspect. He mastered the ability of perfectly evaluating the potential of a great piece and bring it to its full potential and beauty.

      The Graff White Diamond Set perfectly embodies all the great qualities that make diamonds the most famous gemstones on earth. The diamond is worldwide famous for being the hardest material, and is used on an industrial scale for cutting extremely resistant materials. The exceptional qualities of some gems make them suitable for jewellery. The standards with which they have to comply have been set by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and are: color, cut, clarity and carats.

      The Graff White Diamond Set has a fair share of impressive characteristics. Both bracelet and necklace boast a staggering 204.91 carats. Who would have thought that a species of carbon could ever become so sought after and display that many qualities? Well, the emerald cut diamonds which adorn the necklace, bracelet and rings give a new name to scintillation. The property that allows the fiery sparkles to catch your eye is called dispersion. It means that light that reaches the diamond is reflected and spread back in the colors of the rainbow specter.

      The bracelet and necklace can be completed with a variety of two rings. The variants include two emerald cut flawless diamonds each weighing 40.06 and respectively 28.76 carats. The tag ‘flawless’ is associated with clarity. GIA assesses diamonds and categorizes them depending on the presence or absence of impurities in their structures. The flawless and internally flawless diamonds are the rarest. They show no evidence of inclusions whatsoever. The splendid members of the Graff White Diamond Set are sure to make a fabulous impression on any woman and stir admiration amongst the female population of the planet, who was not as lucky as to come into the possession of such jewels.

Graff White Diamond Set, 9.5 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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