‘Gucci’ Jewelry

      The Gucci Icon Cufflinks are meant to make an impression without being tacky. Their finely finished look brings a sophisticated air to any outfit, no matter how simple and clean it is. An aristocratic combination between white gold and diamonds is the base for the Gucci Icon Cufflinks.

      The Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring holds within all of the Gucci turbulent history, being designed as a reminder of the 50’s huge icon moccasins, made of suede and metal horsebits. The 18 carats yellow gold piece is a gorgeous fashion statement, bringing together the undying Italian style and legacy of Italy’s most prominent representatives in the fashion industry.

      The Gucci Marina Chain Bracelet is only a lucky, good looking descendent of such hits like the bamboo handle handbag or the suede moccasins with metallic horsebits. Nevertheless, it inscribes in the savoir faire of the brand and its audacious designs. This bracelet can easily be stylish twenty years from now. Its simple and clean design recommends it for timeless beauty and sharp boldness.

      The Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms is sure to bring an extra drop of brightness and color to your day…and –why not? – to your life.A great accessory which will complete many simple outfits and will make you feel optimistic and confident, the Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms is here to bring some gorgeous colors and designs to your world.

      A perfect gift, the Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring is sure to brighten any woman’s day and light those fiery sparkles of the brilliants right in her heart. The ring is consistently adorned with hundreds of tiny, sparkly brilliant cut diamonds, which compliment a huge light violet amethyst, that stays in place with the help of a trademark Gucci motif: the horsebit.