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      Another fascinating piece of jewellery launched by the best selling Italian brand from all over the world, the Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring is one splendid member of the Gucci Fine Jewellery family. Adorned with 1.50 carats of brilliant cut diamonds, and a magnificent rectangular shaped amethyst, this ring is a successful combination of modern and classic touches.

      The tale of the famous ‘cocktail ring’ begins at the dawn of the last century, in the Prohibition era, when rich commerciants and successful business colaborators were organising lavish parties undercover. They made it their purose to drink the finest drinks, smoke the best cigars, and boast with their fashionable clothes and breath taking jewellery. The wives of these few lucky entrepreneurs were adorned with incredble jewels and started the tradition of ‘cocktail rings’, which were always showing off huge precious gems cut in the most amazing fashions. The colored precious stones became so popular and loved, that they were actually given the name they still bear to this day, and assigned a category of their own. It’s a fact of life: cocktail rings never go out of fashion. It is a natural thing for a lady to lust having a huge wonderfully colored gem resting on her finger. The Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring inscribes in this rule. It can never pass unnoticed, or without causing a lot of jealousy among the other ladies.

Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Amethyst Ring Picture

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      A perfect gift, the Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Ring is sure to brighten any woman’s day and light those fiery sparkles of the brilliants right in her heart. The ring is consistently adorned with hundreds of tiny, sparkly brilliant cut diamonds, which compliment a huge light violet amethyst, that stays in place with the help of a trademark Gucci motif: the horsebit.

      Launched in the 1950’s, toghether with other Gucci icons, which were to become representative for the brand, the horsebit is a motif to be fond in several of the brand’s lines. The cocktail ring line launched recently has made good use of this classical Gucci trademark. The innovative design and combination of white gold, brilliants and amethyst creates a stunning effect. The price for this unique beauty is appropriate to an object of such standards and looks. The 1.50 carats of brilliant cut diamonds, the perfectly finished white gold setting and the impressive sized amethyst are evaluated at a mere $7950. A most fair price for an object bearing the signature of such a famous House as that of Gucci. The quality and looks of this ring make a clear statement where fine taste and refinement are concerned, and the price comes onl to prove Gucci’s respect and love for their customers.

Gucci Horsebit Cocktail Amethyst Ring, 7.6 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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