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The last few decades have been characterized by an utmost acquisitive trend, which for some people became obsession. The first victims of this 20th century disease appeared to have been women. It was to become obvious that men had no chance of escaping the ‘shopping frenzy’, and they followed soon after in the footsteps of their wives, daughters and lovers. In spite of the exaggerations of the day’s fashions, there have always been men who were able to stir interest in the opposite sex without resorting to extremes and wandering around stores in search of trendy items. Whether they get their inspiration from a men fashion blog or they have an impeccable style intuition, these men always manage to find that one fashion item that will turn a simple outfit into a very trendy outfit.

The men who have always been masters of elegance, simplicity and masculinity have never needed too much, or too extravagant clothing and accessories. They know that style and that slick confident look can be easily achieved with the simplest and most refined touches. One example of such classic and indispensable items in the inventory of any elegant man, are the Gucci Icon Cufflinks.

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The Gucci Icon Cufflinks are meant to make an impression without being tacky. Their finely finished look brings a sophisticated air to any outfit, no matter how simple and clean it is. An aristocratic combination between white gold and diamonds is the base for the Gucci Icon Cufflinks. The Gucci icon is imprinted on both laterals of the perfectly finished band that makes for the cufflink’s front piece. Two brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.04 carats bring their delicate shimmers to the ensemble.

Part of the Gucci legacy, the Gucci Icon Cufflinks are mandatory in the cufflinks collection of any modern man who places an emphasis on his outstanding image. Their discrete shape and imprint, completed by the two brilliants possess a rare charm and ineffable fine taste.  You don’t have to read a men fashion blog in order to know that these cufflinks will be the focal point of any outfit.

Gucci is presently the best selling Italian brand from all over the world. Their tumultuous existence has borrowed something from the Italian passion and hot temper, taking it in a luxurious wrapping and shape and offering it wholeheartedly to the world.

The Gucci Icon Cufflinks are available on the Gucci official site for only $1390. The brand pays special attention to all details regarding maintenance and shipping of their products. Extensive information on these issues is also available on site. The Gucci Icon Cufflinks are a perfect gift for the special man in a lady’s life, or just a wonderful and useful accessory which will speak louder than words about your grace and exquisite tastes.

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