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      A great accessory which will complete many simple outfits and will make you feel optimistic and confident, the Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms is here to bring some gorgeous colors and designs to your world. An eye catching combination of yellow gold and greenish- turquoise malachite, this slender stylish necklace will spice up a business outfit as good as it could enhance a boho chic look. A sweet little bee is engraved on your pendant, together with a vegetal motif, to bring a smile on your face and make you feel closer to nature and its benefits.


      The Italian house has really managed to create a great mixture of color and design, a piece which will easily compliment an independent and confident woman who is eager to adorn herself with simple and fascinating pieces which will make her feel optimistic.

      Having witnessed a long and turbulent history, Gucci is to this day the best selling Italian brand all over the world. Established in the early 1920’s, the House of Gucci has gained huge renown during its first decades of existence. The 1940’s and 50’s were times of creative effervescence and items which were to become trademarks were launched then. Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy were just some of the V.I.P’s wearing Gucci. The bamboo handled purses and colorful silk scarves (which inspired the designers of the Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms) were complimented by other icons such as suede moccasins with horsebit metallic buckles, or the striped webbings.


      The 1970’s caught Gucci at an epitome of fame and fortune, their business being as flourishing as ever. Unfortunately, tempests and hurricanes were to rush over the family and the brand soon. Quarreling over the family business and legacy became furious fighting and degenerated in unfortunate evens of violent consequences, which brought the Guccis too many headlines in the tabloids and a huge notoriety, which was not meant to help the brand at all.

      The 1990’s were a breath of fresh air to the evolution of the Italian House, since its new direction was headed towards minimizing scandals and maximizing profits and creativity. The new head of the company managed to find inspiration and creativity outside the usual realms of Gucci, taking the brand into a new bright era and re-establishing it as a luxury brand sought after by the exclusivists and well off members of the society. Nevertheless the brand still manages to keep a broad target, creating great looking jewelley for the very rich and the not so rich alike. The Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms is great proof of this, since it can be purchased for a mere $1150. The price is quite accessible, for a tradition brand like Gucci, and the piece itself is extremely catchy, so this acquisition is quite an investment in your style and label jewelley collection. The Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms is sure to bring an extra drop of brightness and color to your day…and –why not? – to your life.

Gucci Necklace with Flora Charms, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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