‘Harry Winston’ Jewelry

When it comes to organising a jazz themed wedding you might get overwhelmed with the entire process, because there are so many things you should consider. The idea of having a wedding, which shares similarities with the luxurious life of Gatsby, is brilliant, but you have to be sure that you have the time and […]

A hair salon has often been regarded as the ideal business for any woman in the world. Considering that women in general have a fascination about hair salons altogether, it is only natural for the simple thought of running a business of this kind to be on the likings of business women, looking to make […]

The Central Park is the most famous green spot in New York. Situated at the heart of a hugely populated and high class part of the metropolis, Manhattan, the Park has had a long history and is host for over twenty five million visitors each year. The recreational and cultural settings are finely intermingled on a generous surface of a square mile.

      The Sunset collection by the famous jewelry house of Winston reveals a magnificent, deep blue, rare sapphire: the Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring. In the following lines we will be taking a look at one truly majestic piece, part of a impressive color and glitter pleiad which has received its suggestive name: Sunset.       We had […]

      Another spectacular piece of art that seems to have been brought from the realm of dreams or ice castles: the Paraiba Tourmaline and Diamond Ring by Harry Winston. This is a ring that reminds us of fairy tales in which angel’s tears became precious, magnificent gems. A diamond and Paraiba tourmaline ring that inspires royal […]

      As the holidays are approaching we are all thinking at the most appropriate surprise for our loved ones. Although it is said that men have a very difficult job when it comes to pleasing women, this article will prove that making the special lady in your life melt with joy and awe is as easy […]

      One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that has met the eye, the Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring by Harry Winston is a sweet symphony of lights and fiery depths. This is a truly spectacular work of art and speaks to all senses. Such a power, such liveliness, passion and liquid gold scintillating converge […]