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When it comes to organising a jazz themed wedding you might get overwhelmed with the entire process, because there are so many things you should consider. The idea of having a wedding, which shares similarities with the luxurious life of Gatsby, is brilliant, but you have to be sure that you have the time and budget to handle all the aspects that would come on the way. From the venue to the clothes, all have to be unique, and to share some certain particularities. Therefore, you should use any tricks you can for saving money, because luxury comes with a price. The best way to save money is to create the accessories by yourself, because they might be quite expensive, and if you have the time to craft them, you only have to look for some wedding ribbon for sale, pearls, feathers and sparkly accessories.

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Customise the shoes

For having a great wedding day, both you and your guests have to be sure that you wear comfortable shoes, but there are cases when comfortable shoes are not also stylish. If you find a comfortable pair of shoes, you should not think twice before purchasing it, because you could use ribbon and sparkly stones to customise them. If you want to go for a subtle look, you can glue some glittery stones on the back of the shoes, right above the heel, or if you do not like stones, you can place a small nude ribbon bow. But, if you want to wear a short wedding dress, then you can use ribbon to create a large bow for the back of the shoes. There is no more stylish way of wearing a pair of shoes, than personalising them with sparkly stones and ribbon.

Create headbands

When having jazz themed wedding, brides usually opt for a headband, instead of a veil, because they find it more suitable. You can do the same, and you do not have to spend large amounts of money, on a designer one, because with a simple stripe of ribbon, and some pearls and sparkly stones you can create it exactly the way you imagine. You can opt for a bigger one for you, and for smaller ones for your bridesmaids. You can have a white headband, accessorised with different types of stones, and for your bridesmaids, you can choose to use coloured ribbon, accessorised with feathers.


You might have noticed that jazz weddings are all about fringes, and if you want to customise a wedding dress, you can use small width ribbon to create a fringe effect. You can buy a simple satin dress for your wedding ceremony, and create a fringe skirt for placing it above the dress for the party. You only have to choose satin ribbon, and no one will notice that the upper part of your dress is made by you. Also, if you want to change in a different dress, you can opt for a shorter one, which would look even nicer with fringes than the long one.

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