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      The Central Park is the most famous green spot in New York. Situated at the heart of a hugely populated and high class part of the metropolis, Manhattan, the Park has had a long history and is host for over twenty five million visitors each year. The recreational and cultural settings are finely intermingled on a generous surface of a square mile.

      What is the connection between this landmark and the subject matter of our discussion? Central Park by Harry Winston, a green exquisite sensation on the jewelry scene, and one of the most desirable Harry Winston pieces, if you ask me. This ring has it all: incredible design, futuristic accents, a luxurious blend of materials and an eye catching, heart stealing look.

      Father of the diamond and gem jewelry, Harry Winston – the man- has been a mystery character to the world. Nevertheless his works of art reached the most exigent and the richest of the who’s who scene. The Winston family has always insisted on being known for and through their products rather than their private personas. A modesty and common sense that has helped build the enormous fame which the brand has come under for more than 6 decades. Mister Harry Winston, whose face the world was allowed to see only after his death, was on the lips and at the hands, ears and necks of stars whose notoriety endorsed the likes of Marilyn Monroe. Her famous song from the 1950’s Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend introduced the jeweler to pop culture, although this has never been a marketed brand, since they have always been keen on remaining exclusivists.


      The Winston family immigrated to the United States of America before Harry’s birth, and his father opened a small jewelry business. Young Harry grew up in his father’s workshop and learned the value of hard work as well as jewelry craftsmanship. The Central Park by Harry Winston ring gathers the flamboyant heart of New York’s elite but speaks for all of us who are mesmerized by fine arts and refinement in all possible shapes and combinations.

      The central piece of this scintillating marvel is an emerald cut emerald (there are different cutting shapes, “emerald” being one of them) of 3,77 carats. The perfect clarity and cutting of this deep green stone makes you feel like you are diving into the abyss when looking carefully at it. The large central piece which constitutes the heart of Central Park by Harry Winston is flanked by six emerald cut and tapered baguette diamonds, weighing a total of 2.20 carats set in platinum settings. The emerald is embellished with delicate 18 K yellow gold “claws” which compliment the gem’s color and clarity, to realize high end jewelry.

      Having listed so many of the Harry Winston qualities we should mention that some people find fault with the brand being so difficult to reach. While being usual presences on the red carpet, Harry Winston jewelries are not easy to find or own. Their extravagant looks and unearthly quality triggers prices which limit their actual affordability to a very few privileged.

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