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      As the holidays are approaching we are all thinking at the most appropriate surprise for our loved ones. Although it is said that men have a very difficult job when it comes to pleasing women, this article will prove that making the special lady in your life melt with joy and awe is as easy as pie with the Harry Winston Crossover Ring.

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      Harry Winston is “the” name when talking diamonds and gems, in general. He has been a constant presence in the life of the rich of famous through the amazing creations which have touched their hands, ears, wrists, and necks. The son of an Ukrainian family he grew up in the jewelry shop his father opened after emigrating to the States. It is said that by the early age of twelve years old he could already spot precious stones, and that he once recognized a 2 carats emerald in the window of a pawn shop which he bought with 25 cents. Two days later he sold it with $800.

      The fame of this great artist and craftsman was so huge by the 1950’s, that his name became part of the pop culture. 1953 musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes features his name in the song Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend. Needles to say that we all have a mental image of Marilyn Monroe whispering the lyrics and the line “Talk to me, Harry Winston, tell me all about it!”.

      Nowadays the brand is a usual of the red carpets and women all over the world yearn to wear a Harry Winston signature jewelry. This is why we are bringing to you a presentation of the Harry Winston Crossover Ring, a sparkling piece of heaven which will let your lover know how much you cherish her and that you are ready to go out of your way to make her smile.

      This exquisite piece is made of five platinum straps, each boasting a fair number of brilliant cut diamonds. The delicate diamonds set on the four horizontal straps are each enhanced with a larger diamond cut as a brilliant. The center platinum strap has an additional adornment in the shape of a flower, constituting the central element of the ring. While this creator’s products are most of the times artworks and thus highly out of most people’s leagues, the Harry Winston Crossover Ring is a beautiful and refined piece which while not being cheap, keeps a fair price for such exquisite looks. The ring is available in the Gifts section of the site and its price is $18,000. The value of the Harry Winston Crossover Ring is inestimable, because it can bring so much joy and confidence to its possessor. The five scintillating rows which make up this breath taking jewelry are set with a symphony of 62 round brilliant diamonds of approximately 2 carats. The front height of the Harry Winston Crossover Ring is 12.93 mm and its shank height is 8.2 mm. The ring comes in a wonderful gift box with magnificent wrapping, all to match the surprise nurtured inside.

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