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      The Sunset collection by the famous jewelry house of Winston reveals a magnificent, deep blue, rare sapphire: the Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring. In the following lines we will be taking a look at one truly majestic piece, part of a impressive color and glitter pleiad which has received its suggestive name: Sunset.

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      We had already been accustomed to feast our eyes with Winston’s gorgeous jewels. This man whose fame has been a constant in the hectic flowing of time started his business more that eight decades ago. He had the experience and respect for hard worked which his father had taught him in their family small jewelry shop. Harry was a remarkable man and had an early eye for precious stones. As early as twelve years of age he recognized a to carats emerald, bought it with twenty-five cents and sold it two days late for $800. From then on the world was this talented man’s oyster. He had always dreamed of mounting diamonds on a woman’s skin, if that would have been possible. His love for diamonds and admiration for women gave the coordinates of his style: the pieces he created were so fluid and molded on their possessor’s body so perfectly, that they actually seemed to have been set directly on the skin.

      The Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring looks like it has just been brought to reality by a fairy, directly from a royal-life tale. The abyssal depths of this intense blue sapphire make the viewer plunge in reverie and beatitude. No wonder, since the 18.51 carats of the gem are indicating a world-class piece. While the blue hue of the stone presents violet undertones, much appreciated by connoisseurs, the clarity is perfect, and the cushion-cut best compliments this type of stone color. The violet undertones evidenced by the gem’s laterals gather a core of light and deep sky blue, obtained by a perfectly cutting technique. Winston has always been a model craftsman, the Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring does nothing but prove this one more time.

      As if the huge, eye-catching, breath-taking sapphire were not enough, the ring features six baguette cut diamonds, summing a total of 1.25 carats. The exemplarily balanced architecture of the Sunset Sapphire and Diamond ring is sustained in platinum.

      As Harry Winston fans already know, this is an extremely exclusivist brand and each client is treated individually. Exceptional works of art, of an inestimable value are not publicly evaluated. The estimative value of this kind of jewelry can be approximated at a starting price if we keep in mind some basic facts about quality sapphires. These gems are the second hardest minerals after diamonds. Their prices vary immensely, depending on clarity, cut, carats, treatments applied, color, or mining region. You may find a $800 per carat gem as well as you can see huge superb pieces which cost a staggering $250.000 per carat. The latter are extremely rare cases and their true value cannot be truly estimated, in spite of such high sale prices.

Harry Winston Sunset Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 6.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings

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