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      One of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry that has met the eye, the Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring by Harry Winston is a sweet symphony of lights and fiery depths. This is a truly spectacular work of art and speaks to all senses. Such a power, such liveliness, passion and liquid gold scintillating converge to a one of a kind spectacle. A delicate, craftily placed luminescent butterfly adorns the huge, breath taking gem and places it on the very high end of joaillerie.

      Harry Winston has long been one of the haute joaillerie icon brands. From even as early as the 1950’s his name became part of the pop culture through Marilyn Monroe’s all to well known song Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend. Throughout the decades gloriously cut diamonds and gems have passed from Winston to all the rich and famous of the times. La crème de la crème, this was and continues to be the Harry Winston clientele. The brand places little to no stress on marketing and promotion, as the pieces obviously speak for themselves, and the business has always functioned according to rules differing from the main stream strategies. The clientele is treated individually and the brand is keen on remaining a fiercely exclusivist one.

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      The Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring is a lavish combination of 18 K yellow gold, platinum, diamonds and a massive cushion-cut mandarin garnet. Garnets are very rare stones which have been discovered quite recently, their history being no longer than eighteen years. The mandarin garnet is hard to extract and it is only found in small quantities. Mandarin garnets of good quality (flawless or almost flawless) are rare, and the degree of scarceness increases as we move further along on the carat scale. Prices for this type of gem depend on their provenience and clarity, as well as size. Nigerian extracted gems can cost anywhere between $100-$250 in a 1-4 carats range. If the number of carats increases, prices rise considerably and usually revolve around $900 for 15-20 carats. Namibian garnets are the most valuable type of gems from this class. Their prices can go anywhere from $800 to $2400 a carat, depending on the size of the stone and its quality. Considering the dedication which Harry Winston has always shown towards the quality of the gems they used, combined with the unique design of the ring and a mind-blowing 17.22 cushion-cut mandarin garnet…we can estimate a an appropriate pricing for the ensemble. Nevertheless, the beauty and individuality of this piece cannot be estimated, Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail is a priceless ring.

      The accurate and complete description of this absolutely stunning joy ride would include: cushion-cut mandarin garnet of an unbelievable 17.22 carats, four marquise and pearl shaped diamonds (which make up the butterfly), weighing a total of 0.5 carats, all set in 18 K yellow gold and platinum. This is the Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring, in a blunt, unimpressive description that can catch nor its magnificent aura, nor its majestic glitter. The world is its oister.

Harry Winston Marquesa Mandarin Garnet Cocktail Ring, 8.5 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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