‘Leviev’ Jewelry

Most women that follow fashion trends and desire to look stylish on a daily basis, know how important accessorizing their outfit is. Although the market has to offer an impressive selection of jewellery and accessories, sometimes it can seem difficult to find items that suit your own personal style. Because handmade jewellery have become the […]

      The perfection radiating from such pieces as the Leviev Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring are guarantees of timeless value and style, at the same time. Such attention to detail, such patience and professionalism meeting with the fiery scintillations of nature’s most elaborate gift, the diamond, are rare epitomes of brilliance.

      Hand crafted, as all the Leviev jewellery, the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace showcases the most valuable kind of white diamonds. The four characteristics evaluated by the authority entitled to certificate gemstones, the Gemological Institute of America are carats, clarity, cut and color. From these four C’s the only one relying on the expertise of humans is the cut.

      The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is one of the one of kind pieces which become famous over night due to their beauty and unique characteristics.The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is conceived as a flower. Its delicate petals are made of Fancy Vivid Pink round brilliant cut diamonds.

      The Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is proof of Leviev’s lavish diamonds reserve. The High Jewellery piece is made from an impressive number of round, brilliant cut and oval cut white diamonds. The exact number is eight hundred seventeen. The color grading of these diamonds is also impressive.

      Leviev is history in the making, and has been writing history for some time now, through the controversial actions of its founder. Lev Leviev is the president of the former Soviet Union Federation of Jewish Communities, which he has been leading since 1998. Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds is currently the number one diamonds producer on […]

    If it were to be only by its sole release, Leviev’s Pink Majesty Necklace would have placed the brand among the most exclusive and opulent diamond oriented houses. The ravishing beauty of this ensemble is completed by a an approximately six carats pink diamonds back casing, everything set onto platinum and 18 karat pink gold…

Perfection has a new name: Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. This piece is a one of a kind statement of social status, elegance, and sheer beauty. There are not many pieces quite like the Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. A mind blowing 52.29 carats diamond, as the centerpiece of the geometrical structure of the piece […]

      A pair of absolute classics, the Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings are here to impress. And it is a bloody good job that they are doing, too. The absolutely fabulous twin jewels seem to come as the final touch of Leviev’s “Extraordinary White Diamonds Collection”, of the High Jewellery section.

      A feast to the eye and a wonder to the spirit, the High Jewellery member, Leviev Pink Diamond is here to speak of aristocratic elegance and bourgeois fantasies. The hand crafted fairy tale trigger features a cushion-shaped Fancy Intense Pink VS2 diamond weighing a consistent 6.08 carats. The central piece of the ensemble is mounted […]