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Most women that follow fashion trends and desire to look stylish on a daily basis, know how important accessorizing their outfit is. Although the market has to offer an impressive selection of jewellery and accessories, sometimes it can seem difficult to find items that suit your own personal style. Because handmade jewellery have become the centre of attention lately among many fashion addicts, you can include some in your collection as well. There are many DIY projects you can try, which will result in some unique pieces that will complement various outfits. Using ribbon to design jewellery is great idea, being versatile items and easy to incorporate. You can find a wide range of ribbon colours and patterns on various online shops, such as The Ribbon Room, so you have the chance to design something that suits your style perfectly. Here are a few ideas to start with:

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Peal and ribbon necklace

For a dressier outfit, a pearl necklace will make the perfect match, but why not design it yourself? If you have some pearls from a broken necklace use them to create a brand new item. Crochet some organza ribbon, and apply a few pearls. Tie the ribbon around your neck, and voila, you have yourself a one of a kind necklace with a particular design.

Brooch ribbon necklace

A great way to give an old broche a new and elegant appearance is by using it to create a necklace. Use spray paint to give the broche a coppery patina look and then hang it on a strap of ribbon of the length and colour of your choice.

Ribbon watchband

This is a fun and unique idea that you will certainly love. If you have an old watch laying around your jewellery box, then give it a new, more fashionable vibe by replacing the worn out watchband with a strap of beautiful grosgrain ribbon. Easy and pretty!

Ribbon Bracelet

For this piece of jewellery, you can use another old broche you no longer wear. Use a piece of lavender velvet ribbon (for a more romantic touch) and pin the broche on the strap as the centrepiece of the bracelet. Make sure the ribbon you use supports the brooch’s weight.

These are only a few of the many ideas you can use, and you can even watch step by step tutorials if you need more inspiration. Get yourself some beautiful and stylish ribbons, and start creating. You will most definitely have fun, and you will love your unique and personal creations.

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