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Perfection has a new name: Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. This piece is a one of a kind statement of social status, elegance, and sheer beauty. There are not many pieces quite like the Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. A mind blowing 52.29 carats diamond, as the centerpiece of the geometrical structure of the piece is there to take to abyssal depths of ecstasy. Flanked with other four baguette-cut diamonds weighing other 5.23 carats, the king diamond of this ring is sure to reign on any finger for as long as diamonds shall shine.


A history writer, the founder of this brand is named Lev Leviev. He is not ashamed to say that he knew he was destined to be a millionaire since as early as his sixth year of life. Looking back on those childhood years he remembers walking the shops with his father, who was there on business matters. Young Lev would count the wares on the shelves proving that a commercial talent is something that can take you as far as your ambition will lead. The burning ambition which took Leviev to his multi billion fortune (close friends estimate somewhat of a 10 billion sum) has been spotted long ago. It is his ambition which made other rich Jewish businessmen working in the field to do all they could to keep him out of the rough diamonds’ reach. Still, they had no idea who they were dealing with. Leviev is a “close friend” (in his own words) to former Russian president Vladimir Putin, who allegedly had a role in the development strategy of the brand.

If Harry Winston started the great tradition of over the top, highly exclusively haute joaillerie, Graff, another Jewish representative of Jewellery excellence took it forward, then Leviev is sure to represent the younger generation. A maturity, and business ability, that will carve the name of Leviev- Extraordinary Diamonds into the monument of fine jewellery for centuries to come.

The Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring has as a central piece, just as its name suggests, an emerald cut flawless diamond, of D color (the best of all possible color variants). The rectangular shape and the extraordinary expertise with which the diamond was cut give it its full potential shine, at the same time making it difficult to take your eyes from it.

The Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring can very well be an extravagant ambassador for a wedding proposal. This is perfectly suited to be an engagement ring, since it gathers style, utter gorgeousness and irresistible fiery glamor in its balanced marriage between the five diamonds.  It is time to include in your wedding planning list. No woman could say no to such a temptation.

Leviev Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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