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      A pair of absolute classics, the Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings are here to impress. And it is a bloody good job that they are doing, too. The absolutely fabulous twin jewels seem to come as the final touch of Leviev’s “Extraordinary White Diamonds Collection”, of the High Jewellery section. The other two members featured are a mind blowing emerald cut diamond ring, and a pear cut diamond necklace which will ice you better than a trip to the peak of the Himalayans. The pretty, pretty earrings showcase a number of five diamonds each, and are definitely making their statement stronger than any words could ever do. They are here to blow your mind and cause jaw drops on the part of all woman kind.

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      The youthful look of the Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings is created by the three marquise cut diamonds which fit the ear lobe of the wearer, adorning it with a scintillating flower bud. The freshness and vitality inspired by the floral motif is counter balanced by the elegant pear shaped drops which complete the earring and give it its exclusive demeanour.

      Having been founded no earlier than 2006, Leviev has managed to acquire an impressive status on the complicated jewellery market of the modern days. Its struggle with the competition has run rather smoothly, since it is currently the only private independent gemstones miner in the world. With the ability and possibility of accessing the most fabulous gems on the planet, it was not that difficult for Leviev to shortly become the number one player in the high end jewellery business.

      Benefiting from the careful supervision of its founder, Lev Leviev, the brand grew from day to day, and continued opening new shops around the world. With London being its head quarters, and the first city which hosted a Leviev shop, the jewellery company is world famous because of its famous fans and of its dedication to satisfy the loyal customers.

      With fancy diamonds to build up a rainbow and the expertise of craftsmen who have spent all their lives improving in this field, Leviev is truly an exclusive brand which will be extremely difficult do outdo by any other competitor, at least in the near future. With its sales and business plans coordinated by an extremely tenacious and well connected founder, Leviev has every chance of becoming the world’s most famous jewellery House which was ever known to mankind up to this day. The quality of the gemstones involved in the making of the Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings is here to confirm it. The two pear shaped diamonds which make the center pieces weigh 33.29, respectively 31.05 carats. The complementing pieces sum up to 15.77 carats and boast D to E colors, and extremely good clarities, ranging from Internally Flawless to VS1.

Leviev Extraordinary Diamond Earrings, 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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