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      Leviev is history in the making, and has been writing history for some time now, through the controversial actions of its founder. Lev Leviev is the president of the former Soviet Union Federation of Jewish Communities, which he has been leading since 1998. Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds is currently the number one diamonds producer on a completely integral vertical line. The company’s founder is exceptional because he managed to break a strongly cemented market, which was functioning according to its own established rules. This market did not leave much place for the development of a young business as that of Leviev’s.


      The Leviev Fancy Pink and White Diamond Necklace is one amazing piece of jewellery, whose birth has been preceded by a long and strenuous line of events. Nevertheless, its beauty makes the viewer believe that the manager’s efforts have all been worth while.

      A wonderful mixture of fancy colored diamonds and white ones, this Leviev Fancy Pink and White Diamond Necklace took more than a year to be assembled. The quality and rarity of the gems, as well as the technical expertise required by the masterpiece needed this consistent time investment. The necklace totals a staggering 97.9 carats of diamonds set in platinum. The shapes and finishing touches are all superlative: round, brilliant cut and pear-shaped vivid pink and white diamonds adorn the platinum setting.

      With a strong word to say where fancy diamonds are concerned, Leviev – extraordinary diamonds, makes a clear and dazzling statement with the Leviev Fancy Pink and White Diamond Necklace. The high jewellery piece is estimated at a $2 million plus price. Although the starting price is usually just the incentive on the final price, this approximation is likely to be seen as a real bargain for the connoisseurs of the high jewellery market. How is it possible? One might ask himself. It is quite simple. The knock down prices displayed by Leviev are the result of a long tactical war with the holders of the monopoly on the jewelry producing market.

      A poor Jewish immigrant from the former Soviet Union, Lev Leviev could have been just one of the many others who have –at some point- made it outside of the Communist’s regime borders. Instead his story is one of the most exceptional. He confesses he knew he would be a millionaire since he was six years old. He would go around with his father on business errands and find himself counting the wares in the shelves of the shops they visited.

      Leviev’s high connections in the political scene have assured him, in time, partial control over the biggest mining sites in Angola, South Africa and India. He is currently the greatest mining power on the planet. With mining sites spread on virtually every continent where there is any trace of precious stone, Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds, is sure to provide its clientele with some of the most breath-taking jewellery.

Leviev Fancy Pink and White Diamond Necklace, 8.7 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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