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      Leviev is currently the number one private independent vertical line producer of precious gemstones and jewellery. Their mining sites spread throughout the world. Having removed De Beers from the monopoly position they used to occupy, Leviev have opened a new era in the jewellery industry. This privileged situation has been achieved with much hard work and tenacity by the company’s founder, Lev Leviev. Luck has not simply shown its pretty face on this man’s street. Instead, Leviev, father of nine and the protagonist of an impressive life story, has fought everything in his way to reach the benefices he is taking advantage from today.

      The Largest Natural Fancy Green Diamond has been in Leviev’s possession from the very beginning, when it was just a rough stone. The analysis and crafting of the actual jewel took approximately a year to be completed. From the world’s largest natural Fancy Intense Green diamond resulted the Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring. The spectacular stone is definitely one of the world class pieces which must have gained Leviev the fame of being the world’s most important provider of hyper exclusive jewellery.

      If names like Harry Winston or Graff have managed to build an excellent name over many years, by offering their clients the most exceptional jewellery at incredible prices, Leviev has done a huge leap from being unknown to being top of the line in just a few years. In less than five years Leviev has managed to draw the attention of the world’s largest millionaire audience. Stars of international renown as well as anonymous billionaires have been competing for rare and breath taking gemstones set in the most amazing hand crafted settings. The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is one of the one of kind pieces which become famous over night due to their beauty and unique characteristics.

      The Leviev Ring featuring the Largest Natural Fancy Green Diamond in the world is set in 18 karats yellow and pink gold. The charming deep and intense green diamond that makes for the center piece of the jewel weighs 8.61 carats. Its radiant cut has been long drawn upon, as to display its most magnificent color and shimmers.

      The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has declared the green diamond mounted on this ring “the largest natural Fancy Intense Green Diamond” graded by them until present.

      The Fancy Intense Green Diamond Ring is conceived as a flower. Its delicate petals are made of Fancy Vivid Pink round brilliant cut diamonds. The Fancy Pink brilliants weigh 1.39 carats and are set in 18 Karats pink gold.

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