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      Leviev has managed to acquire international fame and an exclusive status over the span of just a few months. Launched in 2006, with its first shop opened in London, where its headquarters remain to this day, Leviev – Extraordinary diamonds – is today the biggest particular and independent gemstone provider. On the 2006 red carpet Drew Barrymore was dripping with Leviev jewellery, and the stars who were to wear the brand’s creations ranged from Naomi Campbell to Halle Berry or Sharon Stone.

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      One of such jewels loved by the stars is the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace. The one of a kind necklace features thirty three pear shaped white diamonds of extreme qualities. The fiery scintillations of the icy drops are accommodated by a platinum setting. Hand crafted, as all the Leviev jewellery, the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace showcases the most valuable kind of white diamonds.

      The four characteristics evaluated by the authority entitled to certificate gemstones, the Gemological Institute of America are carats, clarity, cut and color. From these four C’s the only one relying on the expertise of humans is the cut. The other three are a matter of chance and their occurrence in the best parameters is rarely found in the same gemstone. This is why the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace is a piece of the High Jewellery collection. Its thirty-three pear-shaped diamonds are internally flawless, which means that they have no impurities whatsoever in their composition. This, combined with the fact that they display a D color grading, the best possible color, makes the jewel a one of a kind creation.

      On the other hand, there is the appreciable weight of the diamond droplets which were put together to assemble the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace. From pieces weighing 1.01 carats to some weighing even 7.46 carats, this necklace has all dimensions of stones, bound by platinum and their excellent characteristics. The necklace is mounted with a marquise cut Internally Flawless white diamond, displaying the same amazing D color grading. The weight of this piece is of 2.43 carats.

      Part of Leviev’s “Extraordinary White Diamonds Collection”, one of the Haute Joaillerie section, the Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace makes a perfect statement on style and timeless elegance. Its ethereal beauty trespasses any barriers and guarantees to make any woman feel like a queen.

Leviev Pear Shaped Diamond Necklace, 9.6 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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