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      A feast to the eye and a wonder to the spirit, the High Jewellery member, Leviev Pink Diamond is here to speak of aristocratic elegance and bourgeois fantasies. The hand crafted fairy tale trigger features a cushion-shaped Fancy Intense Pink VS2 diamond weighing a consistent 6.08 carats. The central piece of the ensemble is mounted with gloriously shiny brilliant cut pink diamonds. The materials used for setting the eye catching stones are platinum and 18 karat pink gold.

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      The Leviev Pink Diamond Ring is no exception to the company’s product lines. Leviev, Extraordinary Diamonds is presently the most important vertical line producer of jewels. Lev Leviev, the founder of the company is a powerful and successful business man who managed to rise from poverty and anonymity to world wide recognition. When he was six years old Leviev used to accompany his father in his business errands. He reckons that he used to count the wares on the shelves and that he knew he would be a millionaire from as early as those days. His ascension to fame and fortune was not so much a question of destiny, though, as it was a matter of ambition and focus. Leviev took on the whole world, he managed to go round the enemies he could not defeat directly and finally, through a web of intricate high relations with the world’s powerful few he managed to obtain his worldwide monopoly.

      There is nobody as great and with a future as promising as Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds– right now. Lev Leviev, who is the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the former Soviet Union, has shook hands with many presidents (state presidents, among which those of the USA and Russia. With friends such as Vladimir Putin, the former president of Russia (Leviev stated that Putin was a good friend of his) it was not difficult to get control over the mining sites which he ardently wanted.

      The Leviev Pink Diamond Ring is good proof of the brand’s excellence where diamonds and especially fancy diamonds are concerned. And who could outdo them? With mines from Angola to Europe, Africa and India, Leviev –Extraordinary Diamonds- are providing their own rough gems, polishing, cutting and hand making their final products. There is nothing they depend upon from outside sources. This means they have virtually no barriers in their way to supreme quality and mind blowing success. The youth of the brand’s founder is yet another reason for the future of Leviev to look bright. The man himself is only in his fifties, which means that he will be around for many, many years to come, watching over the development of his investments.

Leviev Pink Diamond Ring, 8.2 out of 10 based on 6 ratings

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