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      Leviev has been the top diamonds producer and Haute Joaillerie creator for some time now. In spite of the fact that the business has been established as recently as 2006, Leviev has managed to escalade the extremely steep pyramid of fame in the jewellery business in just a few months from its founding. The fulminating success of the brand is due not only to PR and advertising campaigns, but mostly to the truly exceptional gemstones they have put forward since they opened their business. This large and incredible amount of unique gemstones is the result of extreme length efforts on the part of the founder, Lev Leviev, who has done everything in his power to break the monopoly held by De Beers and become the first, and only for that matter, private producer of rough gems.

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      Aside from being its own gem supplier, Leviev is also involved in selling different kinds of rough or polished precious stones. The Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is proof of Leviev’s lavish diamonds reserve. The High Jewellery piece is made from an impressive number of round, brilliant cut and oval cut white diamonds. The exact number is eight hundred seventeen. The color grading of these diamonds is also impressive. Since Leviev has access to the world’s most productive mining sites, it is only natural that they select their material from the best possible diamonds. It is the case of the over eight hundred diamonds involved in the crafting of the Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace. An array of D to G colored gems sparkle their way from the elegant scarf.

      The clarity of the diamonds used for the Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is also impressive. VS+ diamonds assure the connoisseurs that this is truly a unique piece of jewellery, modern from a stylistic point of view, but timeless through its value. The lace of white diamonds is organized on four fluid rows. This is a necklace that makes a statement. It speaks louder than words of a self confident and optimistic woman who is not afraid to explore and stand tall.

      The Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace is hand crafted, just like all the Leviev creations, and its setting is platinum. The totaling weight of the diamonds is 298.18 carats. With a description such as that made up to this point it is not very difficult to appreciate that the price of this High Jewellery object is probably a seven figure number. Nevertheless, excellence and class deserve a high price; therefore, the diamond scarf could make a great gift to any diamond lover.

Leviev White Diamond Scarf Necklace, 6.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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