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      A sure pass to the spotlight of any event, party or simply the key to spicing up various outfits, the Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings are here to make a statement. A stastement of elegance and refinement, an intertwinment of beauty and style which can never grow out of fashion. A sensual string of lagvish pear-shaped diamonds glistens its fiery way to the eye.

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      The Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings confirm Leviev’s excellency with fancy diamonds. As a matter of fact the full name of the company is Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds. There is more to it than just a self confident statement. Leviev owns the integral vertical production line for its jewels. Lev Leviev, the founder of the brand has assured, through an intricate system of personal and diplomatic relations his partial control on mining sites from nearly all over the world. Wherever there is something worth while digging, Leviev has got a hand in it. This sui generis monopoly allows Leviev to decide for himself on the selling prices of his final products, as he does not have to comply with international regulations on gem pricing, nor to purchase his gelem, the rough diamonds, from others at their own prices.

      A feast to the eyes, the Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings are made of eigh pearl shaped D to F VVS1 to VS2 diamonds. This assures the buyer that he is purchasing top class diamonds, which comply with high quality standards. The total weigh of these white diamonds is 10.04 carats. The cherry on top of the cake is represented by the two pear shaped fancy vivid yellow diamonds who make up the last pieces of the diamond chains. Their separate weighs are 4.16 and 3.78 carats. The fancy diamonds have a good clarity, just like the white ones, respectively, VS2.

      The high quality diamonds are hand crafted and set onto platinum – the white diamonds- and 18 karats yellow gold –the fancy vivid yellow diamonds. From the very first rough diamond mining to the manual assembling of the polished pieces, all the steps and working hands are povided in house. This is why the extraordinary diamonds are presented with much more affordable prices, compared to other offers made by competitors.

      A remarkable piece of jewellery, the Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings can be easily worn by themselves or complimented with other astonishing pieces featuring vivid yellow diamonds. The Leviev collections boast different models of fancy vivid yellow diamonds rings, bracelets, and necklaces which are perfect for creating a set of your own choice.

Leviev Yellow Diamond Earrings, 6.8 out of 10 based on 9 ratings

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