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      Another exceptional treat for the dedicated public and the less accustomed fans of Leviev: the Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring. It is quite obvious to any of us why someone who sees a Leviev creation might declare that they have irreparably fallen in love with their jewellery. On any given day, any given jewel signed Leviev is prone to raise awe and sheer amazement. It is not only the expertise involved in the craftsmanship of the unique pieces that see the light of day from Leviev’s technicians. It is the sum of a series of factors involved in the assembling of these true works of art that determine the ultimate Leviev quality which buyers are given the opportunity to enjoy.

      The perfection radiating from such pieces as the Leviev Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring are guarantees of timeless value and style, at the same time. Such attention to detail, such patience and professionalism meeting with the fiery scintillations of nature’s most elaborate gift, the diamond, are rare epitomes of brilliance. The ring combines noble metals and the king of all precious gems: the diamond, in its most spectacular variant: the fancy diamond.

      The Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring displays a staggering 77.12 carats emerald cut Fancy Vivid Yellow diamond. Fancy diamonds are somewhat a custom in Leviev’s array of exceptional and spectacular gem jewellery. Although usual appearances in Leviev’s jewellery collections and displays of High Jewellery, fancy diamonds are and remain the most sought after type of diamonds. The larger they are the more valuable and yearned for by ladies throughout the world.

      The four C’s which the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) takes into account when grading a stone are: clarity, carats, cut and color. If we are to take into discussion the clarity of the Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring there is another wonderful surprise in store: the GIA has graded the huge fancy diamond as VS2, which means that it only has very slight inclusions. This is yet another factor which increases the value of the gem, and of the ring altogether.

      But there is more to the Fancy Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring than the breath taking Emerald cut Fancy Vivid Yellow VS2 diamond of 77.12 carats. The majestic piece of jewelley features six more white diamonds, which flank the humongous fancy yellow star. The complementing pieces are four tapered baguettes, one emerald cut and one baguette cut diamonds, of F+ color. The total weigh of these adjacent diamonds is of 4.28 carats. The ensemble is also delicately and minutely paved with extremely delicate yellow diamonds, crafted in 18 karats yellow gold and platinum.

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