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      The series of hugely spectacular fancy diamonds, namely huge pink diamonds, continues with the Leviev Pink Majesty Necklace. A candy like pendant featuring a large dreamy Assche cut pink diamond of unbelievable dimensions: 76.51 carats. The debut of this absolutely breath-taking piece strengthens the position of Leviev – Extraordinary Diamonds– as the market leader on the jewellery related segments. Regardless of their excellence where diamonds are concerned the people at Leviev have accustomed their public with over the top releases featuring the most spectacular fancy diamonds and rare gems.

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      If it were to be only by its sole release, Leviev’s Pink Majesty Necklace would have placed the brand among the most exclusive and opulent diamond oriented houses. The ravishing beauty of this ensemble is completed by a an approximately six carats pink diamonds back casing, everything set onto platinum and 18 karat pink gold, to go with the color of the fancy diamonds. But this is not all. The heart stopping Leviev Pink Majesty Necklace is complemented by a sprinkle of fancy diamonds with hues ranging from orange, pink, yellow, to blue or green. The concert of seventy three delicate, fiery sparkling diamonds weighs a total of 16.15 carats, thus sky rocketing the value and exotic look of the pendant.

      The delicious look of the pendant is offered on a 31.04 carat diamond chain. The various cuts of the chain and pendant are proof of Leviev’s technical expertise and artistry. They also make a modern design with resounding shades of the Belle Époque style. The richness of colors and attention to detail create a balanced combination between novelty, artistic innovation and classical themes. The white and pink diamonds which round up the superb Leviev Pink Majesty Necklace boast marquise and Asscher cuts, as well as a perfectly finished look, set in platinum and 18 karats pink gold.

      The Leviev Pink Majesty Necklace makes a strong statement and encompasses the fulminate road to glory of the brand. Leviev was founded by Lev Leviev, a man of humble condition, the son of a Jewish immigrant family who knew by first-hand experience the trials and terrors of the Communist Regime. They ventured into the world with little else than a huge amount of ambition, a natural talent towards trade and business, as well as an eye for catching and seizing opportunities that passed them by or were at hand.

      This piece of jewellery has the gift to remain etched in the memory of any woman whose sees it. This is why it would make a perfect gift, stating the respect and affection of any gentleman louder than any words could ever do.

Leviev's Pink Majesty Necklace, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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