‘Margherita Burgener’ Jewelry

     The Passion Ring is, like many other Margherita Burgener creations, an eloquent example of style and artistic vision. Inspired by an ultra modernist approach to jewellery design, the Passion Ring brings forth the subtle idea of time travel and iterative history. Its spiral mold gives way to speculations on the nature of the human soul, speculations sustained by the center piece of the ring.

     Seemingly cut from a fifties artistic motion picture, the Infinity Necklace brings about a feeling of femininity that has an eternal touch to it. Eternity and infinity are, on the other hand, the central themes of the design. A most modern and breath-taking piece of fine jewellery, the Infinity Necklace is a modular construction, a showcase of 14 aquamarine drops that weigh a staggering 598,11 carats.

     A most ravishing look, the Ellisi Ring, one of the latest Margherita Burgener creations, strikes a pose for the High Jewellery catalogue of the finest taste. This oversized-mounted ring has a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. A stunning 43.83 carats of Burmese Peridot shine their green gorgeousness amidst the Ellisi Ring.

     Characteristic of Margherita Burgener’s clean and elegant style, the Fireworks Set displays a memorable impact on the eye. And it would be only natural to do so, since the set consists of a pair of aquamarine earrings and a very interesting necklace. The Fireworks Set is named after the inspiration that drove Emanuela Burgener in creating it.

     The Afrodite Set is yet another one of her breath-taking releases from the modern, gemstones line. The femininity of the pink combination among gold and kunzite, sprinkled with just a delicate touch of round, brilliant-cut diamonds brings forth a visionary designer as well as a most intrepid businesswoman, able to decide what it is that women all over the planet love and yearn for.

     I give you the Start Pendant .This exquisite piece is one of the resistance items in the Burgener collection. Margherita Burgener has always had a fine eye for richly colored gemstones and generous dimensions, too. So her jewellery has always been a feast to the senses and a joy to the hungry eye of the fashionista, but not only.

     The Aquamarine and Diamond Ear Pendants are set with two huge, tear drop aquamarines which weigh a staggering total of 102.06 carats. Each earring disposes of a pave part which can be attached or detached to the impressive aquamarine drop, according to the time of the day, the occasion on which they are worn, or simply on the fancy of the owner.

     One of the most interesting contemporary jewellers, Margherita Burgener is the descendent of an Italian family with strong roots in the industry of jewellery design. The Kunzite and Diamond Ring is proof that the talented artist has managed to successfully merge tradition and modernity in delicate and feminine designs which speak to all ages.

     A gorgeous and surprising release from Margherita Burgener, the Aquamarine and Diamond Ring she takes pride n having designed is one of those pieces that get stuck into your memory right away. It is impossible to see such a special and beautiful jewel without immediately being struck by its luminous serenity and power. The Aquamarine and Diamond Ring comes as a versatile piece of jewellery.

     What are the features of the gorgeous Black and White Diamond Dress Set, what could be those details that would make a modern man buy this set of jewellery? First of all mention must be made of the incredible amount of black diamonds used in the fabrication of the cufflinks and buttons. No less than 12.43 carats of black diamonds are employed in the making of the Black and White Diamond Dress Set.