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     One of the most famous Italian designers of the day, Margherita Burgener makes her fellow citizens proud of such talent and success over the borders of the country and among Italians with style and the possibility to acquire such luxury items. The Aquamarine and Diamond Ear Pendants are just one example of greatly appreciated jewels with the Margherita Burgener signature. The idea of mixing together a pave top with a large gemstone clip in a versatile and gorgeous piece of jewellery is very often encountered among Burgener’s creations.

     Margherita Burgener is the name of the Italian brand which was baptized by Emanuela Burgener in 2003, after her daughter, as a celebration of her motherly love and as an incentive of her legacy longevity. The brand was, nevertheless, created by Emanuela’s father in the twentieth century. Carlo, who was a successful and intrepid businessman managed to acquire some of the most spectacular gemstones of the day by roaming the world and keeping a close eye on the mining sites. He then went to the great luxury brands of those times and sold the gemstones for fine jewellery making. One of the leading people at Bulgari proposed a collaboration one day, and after successfully working with one of the famous Italian houses for some time, Carlo Burgener founded his own business and got involved in the goldsmith industry.

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     The Aquamarine and Diamond Ear Pendants are set with two huge, tear drop aquamarines which weigh a staggering total of 102.06 carats. Each earring disposes of a pave part which can be attached or detached to the impressive aquamarine drop, according to the time of the day, the occasion on which they are worn, or simply on the fancy of the owner.

     The amazing piece of jewellery can be easily matched with many different Burgener pieces, as the aquamarines are gemstones that can often be found adorning the creator’s rings, necklaces, earrings or bracelets. As a solution for the love struck with aquamarines and Margherita Burgener we will be presenting a series of jewellery that can bring joy to the fans of the genre.

     The foliate pave top of the earrings is set with round, brilliant cut diamonds which are mounted in 18 karat white gold. Te elongated drops will not pass in your possession or any less than $42,000, so you would better start saving that cash if you want to be the queen of the next glamorous party.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ear Pendants , 9.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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