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     A gorgeous and surprising release from Margherita Burgener, the Aquamarine and Diamond Ring she takes pride n having designed is one of those pieces that get stuck into your memory right away. It is impossible to see such a special and beautiful jewel without immediately being struck by its luminous serenity and power.

     Margherita Burgener is the name of a brand re-baptized not very long ago. The Italian brand has, though, a pretty remarkable history. Started during the last century by Margherita’s maternal grandfather, while he was roaming the world in search of unique gemstones, the brand was renamed after the founder’s grand-daughter who came to life in 2003.

     The creative mind at Margherita Burgener is Margherita’s own mother, Emanuela. She managed to make huge, incredibly colored gemstones her personal signature. The amount of emeralds, rubies, aquamarines, morganites, citrines, amethysts and colored diamonds used by this House is proof of my affirmation. The mix of hyper dimensioned gemstones and extreme expertise in craftsmanship of the jewellery they produce make Margarita Burgener a brand which successfully managed to combine the modern and the classic values into timeless creations that raise the interest of anyone interested in art, beauty and luxury.

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     The Aquamarine and Diamond Ring brings forth, together with its eye catching fiery sparkles a long line of fairy tale imagery. The imperial aquamarine drop that reigns in the center of the ensemble weighs no less than 18.62 carats. Its clarity and cut remind us of a magic glacier or a piece of an ice castle. The cool looks of the center piece are completed with a wavy pave set. Tens of round, brilliant cut diamonds are mounted on an 18 karat white gold frame to engulf the imposing aquamarine.

     The Aquamarine and Diamond Ring comes as a versatile piece of jewellery. Having such a large stone mounted as a center piece it can easily be worn as a pendant. The design of the piece is an extremely modern one, but it seems to have also resounded with some classical undertones in the creator’s mind, since that delicate pave set undulating around the aquamarine breathes classical charm.

     The Aquamarine and Diamond Ring will not come in your possession for any less than $22,000. Although aquamarines do not seem to be the most expensive gemstones out there, the size and looks on this particular individual make it worth all the trouble and all its money, to the very last cent.

Aquamarine and Diamond Ring, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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