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     If we were to define Margherita Burgener’s style in a few words, that definition would most definitely have to include words like precious gemstones, colour, luxury, modern designs and classical notes. Proof that her creations are always concerned with the most authentic elegance and perfection of style are her superb creations for men. The Black and White Diamond Dress Set makes a strong statement on personal style and puts the R in Refinement.

     It is common knowledge that men who respect themselves and are keen on keeping a certain type of image are extremely attentive to details. The Black and White Diamond Dress Set does a wonderful job at keeping an outfit looking its best. The delicate and subtle charm of the six pieces that make up the set manage to immediately cast a spell on the eyes and hearts of the beholders.

     Margherita Burgener is the name of an Italian luxury goods company founded in the 20th century by Margherita’s maternal grandfather. The creative mind behind the mind blowing designs of the Italian house is actually Emanuela Burgener. She named the brand after her daughter, as a celebration of her birth in 2003. Eversince that day the brand has continued to grow and to change into a true empire. Even with competition at extremely high levels, coming from both Italy and the international scene, Margherita Burgener remains a successful brand.

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     What are the features of the gorgeous Black and White Diamond Dress Set, what could be those details that would make a modern man buy this set of jewellery? First of all mention must be made of the incredible amount of black diamonds used in the fabrication of the cufflinks and buttons. No less than 12.43 carats of black diamonds are employed in the making of the Black and White Diamond Dress Set. The set consists of a pair of cufflinks and four matching shirt buttons. The black diamonds are rose-cut and each of the pieces is paved with white round, brilliant-cut diamonds. The precious stones are mounted in 18 karat white gold.

     In spite of the high degree of appeal exercised by the Black and White Diamond Dress Set, the price for enjoying the delight of such pieces is anything but low. If you have set your mind onto the set you would better have as much as $29 000, in the least in your pockets, or bank accounts, for there is no way you will get anywhere close to them without this amount of cash.

Black and White Diamond Dress Set, 10.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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