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     One of the most interesting contemporary jewellers, Margherita Burgener is the descendent of an Italian family with strong roots in the industry of jewellery design. The Kunzite and Diamond Ring is proof that the talented artist has managed to successfully merge tradition and modernity in delicate and feminine designs which speak to all ages.

     The Kunzite and Diamond Ring is a gorgeous creation that reminds us of the famous and much sought after cocktail rings made famous in the period of the Prohibition, in the United States of America. During those turbulent times some people came into fortunes over night, as the underground economy had a boom like never before. Alcohol smugglers did extremely well and in their desire to show off the new acquired fortunes they organized blasting parties in which the guests displayed some of the most lavish pieces of jewellery and clothing seen to those days. This is how the story of the cocktail ring was born. Women took it as a personal ambition to show off incredibly beautiful gems which were cut in amazing fashions, to offer those fiery sparkles that caught everyone’s attention. The bigger the gem, the more interesting the hue it had, the more admiration it would rise among fellows.

     If we were to turn back in time and attend one of those monster parties, the Kunzite and Diamond Ring would be one of the party stars, if not the most amazing ring from the whole jewellery collection. Its delicate pink hue, the great craftsmanship involved in its making and the classy garnishing with brilliant cut diamonds make it a one of a kind item.

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     The rectangular gem is set in a horizontal position and weighs no les than 97.33 carats. It is surrounded by fine cut round shaped brilliants which, together with the rectangular cut of the kunzite underline the clarity and shine of the main gemstone.

     Although the estimated value of the Kunzite and Diamond Ring was settled between 16000 and 22 000 US Dollars it actually managed to get bids up to over 35 000 USD. Obviously, the great looks and the classy design made women close their eyes on the money they were taking out of the wallet or bank account.

     The pave setting and the kunzite are mounted in 18 karat white gold. The ring is a size 6 and it promises to blow away the public and especially the female competition, since all the attention should be on the eye catching 97.33 carats pink kunzite.

     All in all, the Kunzite and Diamond Ring takes back to a glamorous past, that of the incredible parties of The Great Gatsby, so craftily described in the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, but manages to keep, at the same time, a great modern feeling to the overall feeling of the jewel.

Kunzite and Diamond Ring, 8.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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