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     Margherita Burgener, the young daughter of the creative director of the eponymous brand, was born in 2003 and her mother, Emanuela Burgener decided to change the name of the brand after her daughter, as a celebration of her birth. The legacy which will be passed on to Margherita was built on the basis of her grandfather’s business flair. He used to be a gemstones trader, and roam the four corners of the world in search of large, unique precious stones, which he then presented to famous goldsmiths. Advised by his business collaborators he started his own shop in the late twentieth century and established a fruitful goldsmith tradition within his family.

     The Italian luxury goods brand that we shall take a look at with this article is Margherita Burgener. Her stunning creations make her one of the prominent names on the luxury jewellery market in Italy and from all over the world. While the debate on whether contemporary jewellery should be about precious materials or the pleasure to wear them continues, Margherita Burgener has found a wonderful way to embrace quality and fresh, elegant design in her latest collections.

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     The Afrodite Set is yet another one of her breath-taking releases from the modern, gemstones line. The femininity of the pink combination among gold and kunzite, sprinkled with just a delicate touch of round, brilliant-cut diamonds brings forth a visionary designer as well as a most intrepid businesswoman, able to decide what it is that women all over the planet love and yearn for.

     If we talk of Afrodite than beauty is the first word that comes to mind. Seeing the Afrodite Set we realize that this legendary beauty evoked by the mythical goddess is to be found in Emanuela Burgener’s designs.

     A total of 218.81 carats of kunzite steal the eye and a sprinkling of diamonds on 18 karat rose gold defines the delicate beauty underlying the majestic stature of the four kunzites on the necklace. With oval and tear drop shapes, these intense pink gemstones are representative for genuine femininity and sheer charm.

     The earrings that the Afrodite Set displays are oval shaped and the oval cut kunzites are mounted in rose gold, just like the necklace. They are extremely refined and can be worn with a large number of different clothing styles, as they don’t necessarily require the presence of the necklace as a complementation.

Margherita Burgener Afrodite Set, 9.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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