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     A most ravishing look, the Ellisi Ring, one of the latest Margherita Burgener creations, strikes a pose for the High Jewellery catalogue of the finest taste. This oversized-mounted ring has a ‘je ne sais quoi’ about it. A stunning 43.83 carats of Burmese Peridot shine their green gorgeousness amidst the Ellisi Ring.

     Having been launched in the late twentieth century, the Margerita Burgener brand has not always been known under its present day’s name. The founder of the company was Margherita’s grandfather who was an adventurous and intrepid businessman roaming the corners of the world in search of precious and unique gemstones which he thereafter sold to different goldsmiths.

     After having worked with the likes of such famous brands as Bulgari, the forefather of the nowadays brand was advised to go into business himself. With the talent and eye he had developed during his years as a gemstone trader he managed to begin a business as flourishing as could be.

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     In 2003 his daughter, who gave birth to Margherita Burgener, decided to celebrate her daughter by renaming the brand and setting its long term goals on success and re-invention. Looking at the recent collection anyone can see that the goal has been achieved.

     The Ellisi Ring is part of a saga based on grand ideas that give direction to the Margherita Burgener modern and recent jewellery lines. The unusual shape of the ring as well as its cosmic look combine the beauty of a simple adornment with the complexity of thought that the designer has already gotten us accustomed to.

     Two diamond paved vines part and meet, revolving in several circles and spirals around the huge Burmese peridot that constitutes the center element of the creation. It is a beauty which speaks of orbits and the Burmese peridot suddenly becomes the sun, the core which infers meaning to the entire construction, and to the notion of beauty and luxury itself. The Ellisi Ring is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to lavish, self indulging jewellery.

     If you want to take the beautiful Ellisi Ring home you would better start saving and cutting on those ice-cream supplies and designer paraphernalia, because this baby is sure to worth something close to an arm and a leg.

Margherita Burgener Ellisi Ring, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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