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     Characteristic of Margherita Burgener’s clean and elegant style, the Fireworks Set displays a memorable impact on the eye. And it would be only natural to do so, since the set consists of a pair of aquamarine earrings and a very interesting necklace.

     The Fireworks Set is named after the inspiration that drove Emanuela Burgener in creating it. The ‘fireworks’ are obvious in the structure of the necklace and consist of short, delicate stems springing from the base line of the necklace. Before taking the pieces of the set in turn, mention should be made that all the jewellery baring the Margherita Burgener name are handcrafted and every single detail is handled manually.

     The impressive aquamarines (approximately 100 carats, by a visual, inexpert-eye) that the earrings showcase in the shape of tears look so lavish and gorgeous that they simply must be worn with more boho chic outfits, other than the red carpet getups that we are used to see them associated with. The Fireworks Set holds its dreamy feeling alive by the size and special shape found in its aquamarine gemstones. The necklace too has to corresponding tear-shaped elements, very similar in shape and size with the earrings.

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     Be the earrings interesting as they may, the most remarkable member of the set is, by far, the necklace. Comprising five aquamarines of legendary dimensions, the necklace is probably set with more than 300 carats of pure, light blue splendid gemstones. The Fireworks Set boasts a total of 426.10 carats aquamarines weight. The stones are cut in oval and tear shapes and are surrounded by the rich ‘fireworks’ effect created by the diamond paved structure.

     A generous amount of round, brilliant cut diamonds embellish the fantasy brought to light by the Fireworks Set. The diamonds are mounted on 18 carat white gold and weigh a total of 27.51 carats. Having become a trait, this extensive use of ‘humongous’ gemstones is one of the Margherita Burgener immediately recognizable traits. Her love for colored gemstones of simply amazing dimensions is very much in keeping with the brands genuine spirit, a spirit that stood at the roots of the classy designs we see in the Margherita Burgener boutiques these days.

     The Italian founder of the business, Emanuela Burgener’s father, had worked with many famous goldsmiths before opening his own shop. He used to be a gemstone trader and his interest and talent of discovering unusual, rare and beautiful gemstones would become part and parcel of his business.

Margherita Burgener Fireworks Set, 8.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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