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     Defined by lavish, oversized, colored gemstones and delicate cuts, the Margherita Burgener woman is very much a woman of her own times. But as contemporary an modern as she is, this woman that Emanuela Burgener had envisioned, is still able to carry about her a mystery and a glamour that are no longer the attributes of the nowadays woman.

     Seemingly cut from a fifties artistic motion picture, the Infinity Necklace brings about a feeling of femininity that has an eternal touch to it. Eternity and infinity are, on the other hand, the central themes of the design. A most modern and breath-taking piece of fine jewellery, the Infinity Necklace is a modular construction, a showcase of 14 aquamarine drops that weigh a staggering 598,11 carats.

     The Infinity Necklace is quite big on aquamarines, but, at the same time, it displays an equally fair amount of diamonds. A considerable and 12.14 carats of round, brilliant cut diamonds pave the white gold setting. The tear drops of light blue hue of the aquamarines go perfectly with the fiery sparkles of the finely cut diamonds mounted on the infinite-like links of the necklace.


     The Infinity Necklace draws its name not only from the deep. Clear blue color of the aquamarines, but also from the shapes of the links that come between the large, transparent gemstones. These links resemble the mathematical symbol of the infinite. Therefore, it would be only fair to say that wearing the Infinity Necklace will most certainly offer its owner a feeling of infinity and timelessness, altogether.

     The Infinity Necklace is also guaranteed to be one of the jewels that stay as beautiful and sought after in one hundred years, as they were in the season they were launched. Oversized gemstones appear to manifest a special attraction for women all over the world, and of all ages.

     After taking a good look at the Infinity Necklace it would be fair to say that the talented Emanuela Burgener has managed to draw our attention once again, in a most fortunate way. Her incessant investment in the Margherita Burgener brand is understandable and justified if we are to look into the company’s recent history. Her father founded the business in the 20th century and she decided to rename the legacy she had been passed onto in 2003, as a celebration of her daughter’s birth.

Margherita Burgener Infinity Necklace , 7.7 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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