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Margherita Burgener is the name of an Italian brand famous for its quick rise to fame and its fast growing popularity. Founded in the twentieth century, the brand had to undergo a name change in 2003, as a celebration of a very important birth in the Burgener family. Emanuela, the founder’s daughter gave birth to a beautiful and presumably very lucky little girl, who is to inherit an impressive wealth and a brand bearing her own name.

The Passion Ring is, like many other Margherita Burgener creations, an eloquent example of style and artistic vision. Inspired by an ultra modernist approach to jewellery design, the Passion Ring brings forth the subtle idea of time travel and iterative history. Its spiral mold gives way to speculations on the nature of the human soul, speculations sustained by its name and the center piece of the ring, which is constituted by a breath-taking Burmese ruby of 3.02 carats. The red-hot core of the ring is set in a pave of round, brilliant cut diamonds and black diamonds.

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Five large, over-sized petals of 18 karat white gold are the shelter of tens of diamonds, delicately paved around the Burmese ruby. They are also strained by several rows of black diamonds, in the same round, brilliant cut. The whole ensemble is shaped in a spiral movement, seemingly aspiring to the absolute beauty and truth of passion.

A most inspired, and inspiring design, the Passion Ring brings forth one of the oldest and most debated feelings dwelling in the human heart. The resounding echoes of literature’s most famous couples, as well as the aesthetical value of the Passion Ring make it a special jewel to own. It has a certain philosophical quality to it and it is sure to convey a message which talks of more than beauty to the eye and mind of the beholder. Handmade jewelry like this can really confer character to your wardrobe and style, but most of all, it will be a piece that you adore and never tire of. With great jewelry, it’s just like fashion: certain pieces and styles are timeless, and they will always look good no matter the trends. So you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in such handmade jewelry when it really represents you.

The remarkable qualities of the Passion Ring are sure to make it a superb piece of art now and forever after, and while its message of passion and deep desire to live may be appealing to the contemporary woman, its strange beauty and unsettling rich red core will, most certainly, stir strong feelings in the hearts of generations to come. And the Passion Ring is without a doubt the piece of jewellery worth being transmitted from one generation to the next as a genuine legacy. Its value resides not only in the pricy gemstones it is made of, but in a most humane and generally known feeling, sustained by its center piece: passion.

Margherita Burgener Passion Ring, 6.6 out of 10 based on 8 ratings

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