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     If we are to take into account the direction towards which the jewellery fashion has evolved during the last years we would have to admit that massive jewellery, and especially massive gemstones have been in order. Of course, that it was not only the jewellery business that was assaulted with the frenzy for maxi items, all accessories’ sizes have been pushed to the extreme. Huge bags, huge sunglasses, huge bracelets, huge rings and, as it were to be expected, huge bank accounts to support all the expenses on these luxury items. Because there is no other voice which speaks better of style and fashion, than that voice of the finely tuned and chosen accessories, to go with your designer clothing.

     I give you the Start Pendant .This exquisite piece is one of the resistance items in the Burgener collection. Margherita Burgener has always had a fine eye for richly colored gemstones and generous dimensions, too. So her jewellery has always been a feast to the senses and a joy to the hungry eye of the fashionista, but not only.

     The Brazilian aquamarine drop which found its way at the heart of this rare piece of jewellery weighs no less than 197,13 carats. The huge light blue gemstone is garnished with delicate round, brilliant-cut white diamonds, which go round its montage and on the chain attached to the pendant.

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     A dreamy trio of Burgener aquamarine creations could be constituted by her earrings, with elongated tear drops which weigh more than 100 carats of the blue gemstone and her aquamarine ring, which also displays a huge tear drop of superb aquamarine as a center piece. Together with the Start Pendant, the other two luxury pieces are also paved with delicate and eternally elegant round, brilliant-cut white diamonds.

     And since the aquamarine trilogy might well send us into the fairy landscape of Northern countries with glaciers and ice castles, it may as well remind us of the clear blue waters from the pagan and unspoiled lands of myth and legend. A princess, a queen or a fairy of modern days, no matter how you choose to see yourself while wearing these gorgeous aquamarine jewels, you will surely make a great impression on anyone and gain the admiration of men and women alike.

     The truly remarkable Start Pendant is one of the show stars at any party and hence it is only logical that it would be one of the stars of the Margherita Burgener collection, itself. Therefore one can only anticipate a price which rises to the beauty of the Pendant and chain. If the other aquamarine jewels that were boasting over 100 carats of bright blue gemstone were well over 42,000 US Dollars, you can only imagine that a piece from the new collection, as the Start Pendant, will probably reach much higher quotations as it speaks to a higher luxury class than its brothers.

Margherita Burgener Start Pendant, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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