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     Michele Della Valle is one of the auction houses’ favourite designer, since the public has grown so fond of him and since he managed to steal the hearts of the Europeans and Americans alike. Della Valle started out by buying rare precious stones and selling them to the famous luxury brands who were interested in unique gemstones. In spite of that, he himself had started designing costume jewellery as early as his teenage years. Later on he managed a collaboration with Bulgari, collaboration which was to facilitate his own career as a self made jewellery designer.

     Famous clientele, among which were famous actresses and opera singers, brought Della Valle international recognition and he was soon able to move to Geneva and place his business in the center of the most turbulent and competitive luxury products market in the world. Now Della Valle takes pride in his fresh and light hearted creations which seem to bring a breath of fresh air in the heavy and stiff atmosphere of traditional jewellery design. It is the case of the Diamond “Bell” Ear Pendants which he presented to the public of a famous Geneva auction.

     In spite of the fact that the ear pendants were estimated at a mere 17,000 US Dollars, at their highest, the bidding showed the experts wrong. The people present in the auction were willing to pay up to the double price of the maximum value estimated initially. This is how the Diamond “Bell” Ear Pendants were sold for no less than over 35,000 US Dollars.

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     A Michele Della Valle black lather pouch accommodates the neat pair of fun earrings and their shimmering gorgeousness. The seven delicate bells that make up each of the earrings are made of 18 karat white gold and paved with finely finished round brilliant cut diamonds. The bells go perfectly with a classy winter reunion or event, as well as with any kind of elegant outfit for a unique Christmas party.

     A paved white gold disk paved with white round brilliant cut diamonds covers the ear lobe and holds the chain that hosts the seven bells of joy and fiery sparkles that will jingle happiness on any occasion you will choose to wear them.

     And since the earrings have these original bell tassels attached, and make us think of winter and Christmas, they may well be that much sought after present you were searching for this year. It is sure fact that any lady would love to have such cute and uplifting symbols of peace and love hanging from her delicate ears.

Diamond “Bell” Ear Pendants , 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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